Friday, December 25, 2009

Karma's a Bitch* #7

Shamma’s P.O.V

The plane ride passed by quicker than usual. We were going to land soon, and I couldn’t help the big smile that formed on my face, though it looked out of place amongst all the other tired and dull expressions that everyone around me wore. I was far far away from him, back to the place I call my second home, back to where everything seems to be much better.

A few minutes later, we were on the ground. I scrambled through the airport looking for the nearest exit. I found one and ran to it as quickly as possible. Hamdan told me he’d be here, but he’s nowhere to be found! I groaned, flipped my hair over my shoulder, and started to help this guy carry my luggage. As I was walking towards the exit, someone bumped into me, so hard that I dropped the bag I'd been carrying.

"oh my god, watch it!" I cried, bending down to pick it up.

I heard a scoff, and I looked up to see who had bumped into me. Standing before me was a guy not too much older than me. He had a yellow, zip-up hoodie on, with the hood pulled up, covering his messy, dirty blonde hair, which stuck out from the edges of his hood. His hoodie was unzipped, showing off his wrinkled plain black shirt underneath. His dark jeans were ripped at the knee, and he kept his hands in the pockets. He was wearing yellow converse sneakers and he hadn't even bothered to tie the laces. He was a walking dress code violation.

He was undeniably handsome though, that much could be said, but the rugged kind of handsome. He had a scar that ran down his cheek which made him look even tougher than he already did. His intense blue-greyish eyes glanced down at my light brown ones for a split second.

"sorry, princess," he spat.

“what the hell is your problem!”, I glared at him, already disgusted.

"whatever," he said, pushing past me.

"one hell of an ass," I mumbled under my breath, trudging to the exit behind the guy carrying my luggage.

There was a black Mercedes waiting for me outside and a driver opened the door for me. I got into the backseat of the car, it was warm inside and the leather seats felt safer than the plane. I let a smile spread across my face as the engine revved into life. We zoomed down the familiar streets of New York, and I watched the rain trickle down the windows. The lights of the cars that flashed past were hypnotizing and I let them fall into a steady rhythm, before looking away.

I dug into my bag, searching around for my iPod until I found it.
"Jane, wake me up when we arrive," I told my maid, putting the headphones into my ears. The driver shifted gear so we were speeding along faster. I let the music fill my ears and take me away. As soon as my eyes were closed, I was woken by the stillness of the car.

"we’re here Shamma,” Jane told me.

I looked out the window, it had stopped raining but the sky still looked creepy. I entered the building and went up to my apartment. I left Jane there to unpack my bags, make sure everything’s tidy and polished, as I went over to Hamdan’s place.

I lightly knocked on the apartment door. KNOCK KNOCK. No answer.
“7amdaaan”, I called to him, “efta7 el baab.”

I knocked again. KNOCK KNOCK. No answer again. I tried the door handle. Yeah, no such luck.

I banged loudly on his door, but there was still no response.
“7amdan, open the damn door!” I yelled as I kept on banging.

“ugh! where the hell is he?” I thought to myself.

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, the door flew open and my eyes shot open in shock.

“oh you have got to be kidding me!” I grumbled, “this is great, just great.”


Purple sky said...

omg.. what happend.. i have a feeling someone she dosent like answerd the door.. could it be a new charecter?

- Snugemz. said...

its probably 5lefah or the blondie ;;)


Anonymous said...

i love ur story, and i love that you dont keep me waitn for long :*

Charmbracelet said...

Blonde boy??=O =p

That Perfect Someone said...

purple sky: nope not a new character, but it is some1 she doesn't like :p

snugemz: maybe ;p

anony: thanks :D

charmbracelet: yeah a blondie :o, but not really 'blonde', just kinda blonde :p

Dazzling~Life* said...

omg khaleeefa;O

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