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Karma's a Bitch* #18

Was this fast enough for you guys? and it's pretty looong too, eh? ;) you could actually use a break in the middle of it haha :p newaaays hope you enjoooy! :D and silent readers don't forget to commeeeeeentt ! :p

Shamma’s P.O.V

“Well we better go,” I said practically dragging a dumbstruck Saif by his hand. “Bye Chloe,” I shouted with a huge fake smile plastered on my face. I passed by Meera and she was giving me a look that screamed ‘what-on-earth-are-you-doing?’ “Meeroh don’t kill me,” I whispered, “bat9lbch later wallah.”

Meera was just gawking at us, the 'odd couple', her jaw glued to the floor along with everyone else’s

My arms snapped away from his the moment my feet touched the concrete on the other side of the street, away from prying eyes. I doubled my pace as I noticed Saif still staring at me, clearly not believing what had just happened. After a few painfully silent steps, I suddenly stopped and spun around to face him.

“Shuuu?!” I asked trying to sound as annoyed as I could, but the emotion in my voice was definitely awkwardness.

Saif looked down at me and his lips curled to one side for a slight smile. Nodding, he softly said “Thanks.”

I was a bit thrown off by his reaction, it actually sounded sincere. This was abnormal. I shook my head nervously as if trying to push down the strange feeling that crept up my spine.

“You’re welcome bas don’t expect me to do that for you mara thanyeh. Che a7s yatne some sort of allergic reaction just from touching you,” I tried to sound convincingly disgusted but failed miserably and I could tell he wasn’t buying it as his trademark smirk crept over his lips.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and started to walk beside me, “whatever you say .. 7ubi.”

“And don’t call me 7ubi!” I snapped at him as I shot daggers at him with my eyes.

“Sure galbi.”

There it was again!

On his face!

That stupid, dreadful, cocky grin that was making me ...


What?! No!

Stupid dreadful cocky grin was supposed to make me angry ,, disgusted ,, annoyed ...

Not nervous!

Never nervous!

I kicked myself mentally as I realized too much time had passed since his last reply for me to come up with a successful comeback.

That stupid distracting grin! I thought to myself as I kicked the pebbles that lay in my path.

Once again we walked in a nerve-racking silence, making me fidget with the straps of my coat. Suddenly I whipped my head around to face him. “Why are you here?” I asked out of the blue.

“Laneh my mom and dad were really horny about 19 years ago?” he said with a smirk.

Stupid, distracting ... eheee snap out of it Shamma! I scolded myself mentally.

“Oh you’re funny!” I replied sarcastically.

He smiled at me and eventually answered the question sarcastically, “walking my girlfriend home.”

Somehow, that simple phrase made it impossible for me to control my breathing and swallowing at the same time and I was practically coughing my lungs.

“Are you ok 7ubi?” he asked somewhat concerned as he watched me bend over, trying hard to breathe.

Saif watched in panic as my face changed from red to purple to blue and finally back to red cheeks and a furious looking face.

I looked up at him, flushed face, shooting daggers at him, “don’t *cough* call me *cough* that...”

I simply started to march my way down the street and into the building with a panicked Saif trailing closely behind. “I hate you,” I grumbled as I sat down at one of the tables in the lobby.

“Same here Shamsa,” he answered crossing his arms over his chest as he stood close by.

I opened my mouth to protest but gave up half way.

I was too tired...

It was Friday afternoon and I’d had a full week.

I just didn’t have the energy to argue with hal annoying ensan.

So I chose to remain there perfectly still, occasionally letting out a sigh or two hoping that he might take a hint and simply leave me alone. To my misfortune he did no such thing. Instead he made his way to the where I was sitting and took a seat opposite of me, with the same annoying grin plastered on his face.

“Ufff shu tba?” I grumbled as I held my head between my hands, my fingers buried in my hazel strands, my eyes staring down at the marble table. Before he had a chance to answer, I let out a heavy sigh and looked up to stare at him, “why do you insist on torturing me? Just go. Go Away. Be free.” I waved my hand at him but he paid no attention to it.

“You know it’ll work. That’s why you helped me out today.”

“No I helped you out because that scene was just so painfully pathetic, that it just wasn’t fun to watch anymore,” I said, “I just don’t get it. Why in God’s name would you put yourself through kel hal embarrassing public humiliation just for her. What do you see in that fugly bit-"

I wasn’t able to finish my sentence as he was on his feet and towering over my petite form in an instant. “Gb’6y lsanech etha battkalmain 3anha this way. You don't know anything,” he growled as he was still dangerously close to me.

A hint of fear sent a chill down my spine as I looked up at him, but my facial expression never showed that. The strong fearless look was still on my face and it didn’t fade for a second. It was like awany 3ad mb zay’3eh even though I was actually zaga el 3afya. I couldn’t help but let out a small sigh of relief when he backed away moments after.

“Look I’m sorry... I- Just don’t talk about Chloe that way,” he finally said as he moved back to his seat.

I held my hands up in the air in a sign of surrender, “fine.”

We stayed in an awkward silence for a few minutes, both trying hard to find a topic that would put an end to this uncomfortable moment.

Saif was the first to try, “so...”


“What about the plan? Is it back... on?” he dared to ask.

“You really like her that much?”

Saif said nothing. He simply nodded. It wasn’t necessary for him to say anything.

I shook my head as I couldn’t believe what I was about to say. “Ok. Fine. I’ll do it,” I grumbled in a low voice.

An instant spark flashed in his eyes, “what?!” he asked in disbelief.

“Are you deaf aw shay? Glt I’ll do it, zain che?”

In a flash he was out of his seat and pulled me out of mine wrapping his arms around me, smashing my small form against his chest in the process.

I froze.

My paralyzed arms were glued to my sides.

I didn’t know what to say.

I was in shock.

Eventually, when I realized he wasn’t going to let go of me any time soon, I said, “umm ... Saif? Shu yales tsawe?”

That simple question was enough to bring him out from his abnormal bizarre moment and in an instant he let go of me and took a step backwards. “Sorry. Wasn’t thinking.”

“Next time you have one of those weird moments, let me know, ok?” I said nervously as I sat back down.

He simply nodded and dropped back onto the chair.

“Why are you sitting down?” A puzzled look spread across my face, and I raised an eyebrow as if waiting for Saif to tell me something I didn’t know.

“Umm,” he mumbled confused, “we have to plan?”

“Plan what?”

“What we are going to do tomorrow, you know. How we are supposed to act,” he said as if he was stating the obvious.

“Oh...” I frowned for a moment, thinking about what the limits would have to be, “we’ll walk together and hold hands?” And with that I slumped against the chair and stared up at the ceiling. A beautiful and expensive-looking chandelier dangled down from the high ceiling, the tiny crystals coated with a thin layer of gold. I started to count the crystals not knowing what else to do.

“Hold hands? That’s it?” he asked incredulously moving his chair closer to mine.

My eyes were still fixed on the chandelier. Nervousness took over me.

“H-haih,” I replied in an uncertain tone.

“Oh come on! Ma7ad bay9adeg kel ha if they don’t see some action,” he said lifting his eyebrows up and down as a naughty grin lit up his face.

“Hey! we’re not going to- There will definitely be no ‘action’. And there will be no one watching me and you do whatever it is you’re thinking about!” My eyes went back to the chandelier once again. Damn it! No more crystals left for me to count! What do I do now?

Saif smirked as he realized what I was thinking, “ya3ne making out, french kissing. Nothing else.”

“You want me and you to k-kiss? F-french kiss?!”

Saif simply nodded.

"I want to kiss you," he forced out.

I was staring at him in disbelief.

"W-What did you say?"

"You heard me, I said that I want to kiss you. I want to be able to inhale your scent, to breathe in your amazing scent. I want to keep it with me forever and ever. Everyday. I want to kiss you so badly. I want to feel your lips on mine," he said.

I looked really confused.

"You can't be serious," I whispered, searching his eyes for the truth.

My face was turning very red and so hot that Saif could probably feel the heat radiating off of me.

"I really want to kiss you. I haven't been able to stop to thinking about you. The feeling of your lips on mine is always on my mind. You're always on my mind. So can I kiss you?"

I was now flushed, seriously!

"uhh w-what the hell? I- I- what are you saying? No. No way! I wouldn’t want to touch you with a ten-foot pole, let alone let you stick your tongue down my throat!” My face flushed in all sorts of ways as I nervously searched for something to occupy myself with.

A roar of laughter erupted from Saif, “HAHAHA! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE! WAHAHAHA T’6A7KEEN WALLAH! 3ad eli ygool I actually wana kiss you.”

My face was flushed by the sudden burst of heat.

“Chub chub don't flatter yourself, I'm immune to you. A9lan you don’t have that effect on me w plus I was just hot cuz estwa 7ar hne and-” I said.

“9eeeeew 6aaaaaa5! yeah right! a9lan I was just messing with you bas it’s not like you wouldn’t like that. I know you think I'm hot and you sure as hell wana kiss me. You want me to kiss you senseless, make the rest of the world just disappear. Don’t deny it,” he said with that smug smirk of his.

His voice was so deep and husky and simply oozing sexiness. It made me shut up!

“hahaha sakatnaha! Enzaaain el mhmmm ... so we’re just supposed to hold hands?! They’ll never believe it and you know it!” he said.

I. Am. Not. Kissing. You,” I said flatly.


“Take it or leave it!” I said as I stood up, my chin held high as if I had made my mind up and there’s no use trying to change it.

Saif knew that he couldn't make me change my mind no matter what. He couldn’t help but sigh, shaking his head as he mumbled, “fine .. we’ll just hold hands...”

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Karma's a Bitch* #17

yo silent readers out there how about you make some noooiise ? =p

Shamma’s P.O.V

Angry footsteps echoed through the entire apartment as I made my way back to the living room.

“Oh god not again! Will you stop doing that?!” I growled as I saw Saif sprawled on my couch, TV remote in his hands as he mindlessly flipped through the channels.

“Doing what?” Saif asked without looking at her.

“Msh chaneh I kept you out? Why don’t you go over to your place? It’s my TV, my living room, my apartment. What are you doing in it?!” I glared at him as I stood there, arms folded over my chest.

Saif turned his head and glanced at me before returning his attention back to the screen. “Ya5e kaife,” he mumbled, “enti shu 7arenech?”

I stomped my way to the middle of the living room standing between him and the TV.

“You’re blocking the view love,” he grumbled looking up at me.

“Glad you noticed, that’s the point. What are you doing here?”

Saif sat up and turned off the TV, “talk about tomorrow.”

“What about tomorrow? Saif wake up. It’s over! It didn’t work,” I tried to knock some sense into him.

“Shu ba3ad it didn’t work? Of course it did,” he said.

“What reality were you in? Cause in mine people were staring at us like we were crazy or something. Everyone knows we hate each other. It’ll never work,” I said firmly.

“It’s going to work,” Saif insisted standing up.

“Ok which part exactly didn’t you get? Cause Bared ashra7 again and again if you need me to.”

“I need to make this work Shams-“

“IT’S SHAMMA!” I screamed waving my hands in the air and trudging my way into the kitchen, leaving him behind.

A few seconds later, he was in front of me leaning against the fridge. “umm .. I’m sorry?” he mumbled.

I just stood there, a warm mug of hot chocolate in my hands, watching him with an annoyed expression.

“I need for this to work...” he started after swallowing hard, “I-I need her back. I need Chloe with me or...” The words seemed to choke in his throat.

Somewhere deep inside, I felt a hint of pity for him but before I could stop myself, harsh words escaped my lips. “Seer 9ee7 ba3ad, why don’t you?”

Saif froze looking down at me. He narrowed his eyes, instant anger flashing in them. Without a word, he turned on his heels left the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

I just stood there for a second, a pang of regret causing me to think about going after him.

Shit I forgot. My wisdom says never hurt a man's ego. Men survive on their ego. To hurt their ego is like pulling the plug on their life support system. Bas whatever, it’s not like I really care about hurting Saif’s ego, right?

But eventually that pang of regret disappeared and I just left him be. The day passed by wala chanah shay 9ar and all was good.


The next day while I was at uni, I let my head fall limply to the desk, while in the background the teacher’s voice rambled on and on about the importance of engineering education to the world’s continued success and bla bla...

“God! Just kill me now and end my suffering,” I mumbled between clenched teeth.

As if someone had answered my prayer, the teacher announced that the class was over. In a flash, I straightened up looking wide eyed at my watch. “It’s a miracle!” I sang out as I gathered by stuff, “I survived! Fakkah! Thank God today’s over.”

“You really do hate this class, don’t you?” Meera laughed.

“More than anything in the entire world,” I answered as we walked out of the classroom. I came to a stop as I saw the infamous Saif further down the hall, “Correction, it’s the second thing I hate most in the world.”

“So we’re back to hating Saif?” she asked.

“What?” I asked as I was too engrossed in my blackberry, not really listening to what Meera was saying.

“Hating Saif. Back on the priority list?”

“Oh top priority! No doubt!” I nodded forcefully.

“Good, cause that little episode in the food court area yesterday just seemed so .. what’s the word? Oh yeah, wrong!”

I smiled slightly at her and just as I was about to reply back, the conversation going on a few feet away from us caught my attention.

“Come on just for a second. I need to talk to you,” Saif’s begging tone made my stomach crunch up as I turned around to see him leaning against the wall, “Please just for a sec,” he practically begged while Chloe remained still, arms crossed over her chest, staring annoyed into nothingness.

“Are you done yet? I told you Saif, it’s over! I have nothing to say or hear from you. Stop being so pathetic, just go get a proper life and let go of this,” she said turning on her heels to leave while everyone in the hall eyed the couple. But he didn’t care. He needed to talk to her, get some sense into that pretty little head of hers, so he grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.

“Come on!” he growled, “just...”

“Just let go of me!” Chloe said freeing her arm from his grip, “I-“

“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you.”

The entire hall froze in place watching as I moved closer to Saif, touched my fingers to my lips then placed them on his lips, letting them linger there for a moment. I turned to Chloe with a smirk on my face, “hey Chloe!”

Chloe just looked at me with a frown, while Saif simply stared at me not knowing what the hell has got in to me.

OMG! Seriously, what has gotten into me?!

“Well we better go,” I said practically dragging a dumbstruck Saif by his hand. “Bye Chloe,” I shouted with a huge fake smile plastered on my face. I passed by Meera and she was giving me a look that screamed ‘what-on-earth-are-you-doing?’ “Meeroh don’t kill me,” I whispered, “bat9lbch later wallah.”

Meera was just gawking at us, the 'odd couple', her jaw glued to the floor along with everyone else’s while I was just lost in deep thoughts...

Where did I get the guts? What did I just do?

Most importantly, why does Saif want Chloe back so bad?

It’s like his want for her had become like a need more and more everyday as she disappeared from his sight.

Does he really love her that much? Are they truly madly deeply in love? Or fe shay thany wara kel ha?

There has to be something else.

Something else going on there, behind the scenes...

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Karma's a Bitch* #16

Sorry for the delay. I've got no reason, except that i didn't feel like writing at all this past week :p

P.S. i suggest you read this if u haven't yet! =p
-Khalifa told Shamma how he felt about her when they were 16 and now they’re 19 ,, and don’t be surprised if his actions say otherwise because he is a player che wela che and you know how it is
-A lot of time has passed so they’re not gona keep pining helplessly over each other all the time
-Shamma went to study abroad for 3 years after Khalifa told her how he felt and then when she came back, she was actually planning on staying in Abu Dhabi for good instead of going back to the U.S
-When she got a call from her bro asking her if she wanted to visit, she went to the States thinking she was staying there for a while but suddenly had a change of plans and decided to just stay there and not go back to Abu Dhabi
-Saif and Shamma truly hate each other ,, this ‘thing’ going on between them is just lust ,, she’s a girl, he’s a guy, a forceful yearning might stir inside them and something is bound to happen sooner or later
-Shamma never actually said she ‘loves’ Khalifa, she just really likes/liked him so don’t be surprised if her actions say otherwise too
-Saif honestly wants his ex back and is trying to make her jealous ,, so this isn’t just a way to get closer to Shamma

hope this cleared things up somehow ,, anyways enjoy <3
Shamma’s P.O.V

Meera mindlessly ran her hand through her hair as she sipped her coffee, her eyes scanning the food court area. Suddenly, they widened as she saw a certain guy heading their way and eventually sitting next to me.

“Hey!” he smirked as he put his arm around my shoulder as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Everyone in that place froze. They literally froze!

“uhh hey?” one of my friends calmly replied.

I freaked out once I noticed the questioning looks and daggers Meera and Ashley were shooting at me.

I shook his arm, pulling myself away from him, “hey Saif,” I squeaked in a low voice, my eyes never turning away from the mug of hot chocolate. It wasn’t a very pretty sight, but at least it kept me safe from the hundreds of eyes that fell upon me.

“So...” Saif tried to start up a conversation, but it seemed impossible considering the stunned state everyone was in. The girls at the table seemed to be drooling over him. Who wouldn’t?

“I’m Saif,” he said, flashing his million-dollar smile.

“y-yeah we know,” Ashley simply said as she was probably still too busy fantasizing about him.

The silence at the table seemed to fade away by the low whispering that now filled the entire place.

“Shu yaybnk hne?” Meera finally managed to snap out of her daze.

“uhh he- well we- he’s just-” I said nervously not knowing what to do or say.

“Just felt like sitting with the damsel in distress here,” Saif said as he leaned back in his chair and smirked.

“Damsel in distress?”

“Yup. Shamsa-“ Saif winced as I kicked him under the table. “umm Shamma, here was being mugged on her way home and I happened to be passing by and was her knight in shining armor.”

I was being mugged?! I thought we agreed to something that is more realistic!

“You saved Shamma from being robbed?” Ashley asked sarcastically.

“Yeah that’s pretty much it. Beat him up real good. And he wasn’t small either. Big, muscular, six feet and a half. Huge, giant- Ouch!” he winced as I once again aimed my 4-inch heels to his leg.

Allah y5s bleesah, oh my god shu yales y5rb6 ha?!

“What the hell?" i mumbled under my breath. "He’s exaggerating!” I said quickly giving them a wide, plastic smile.

“No, I’m not. He was huge and he had a gun-”

“No, he didn’t!” I cut him off shooting fireballs from my brown eyes.

“Yes, he did. You just didn’t see it,” Saif insisted.

“No, he didn’t.”

“Yes, he did.”

“No, he –“

“Someone please stop them,” Ashley pleaded banging her head on the table.

“I-I think that the important thing is that you’re safe and nothing bad happened,” Ashley said flashing me a fake smile. That smile that says 'i’m not buying any of this crap, ya know.”

Saif and I eyed each other in disgust, eventually returning out attention elsewhere. There was silence for a long moment.

Not comfortable silence, more like the 'what-the-hell-is-going-on’ silence.

We just sat there in silence for what feels like an eternity.

“Well, we better go,” I suddenly broke the silence and stood up as the stillness finally got to me.

“Yeah. Classes and all,” Meera quickly said following me and leaving the rest of them to just stare at each other.


“What were you thinking?” I shrieked as I stomped quickly down the road.

“I was just doing what you told me to,” Saif defended himself as he quickened his pace to catch up with me.

“What I told you to do? Six feet and a half? And with a gun ba3ad?” I stopped to look at him, incredulous.

“What? So I exaggerated a little,” he shrugged.

“A little? You call that a little?” I growled, “I think you should buy yourself a dictionary because that was definitely not a little. I mean do you honestly think that they would believe you. How dumb do you think they are?” I saw the cocky grin starting to spread over his lips and quickly added, “Don’t answer that!”

With a loud sigh I began walking again, the building coming into view.

“uhh I wanted to make the story a little more interesting?” Saif said trying to look innocent as possible.

“Interesting? I thought we were aiming for believable!” I said as I continued to make my way to my apartment without glancing at him.

I made my way over to the elevator the instant I entered the building. As soon as I heard the elevator ping, I got in with him right behind me.

“Look I’m sorry alright?” he apologized oh-so-sincerely. NOT.

“Sorry?” I started but he interrupted me.

“Ok, could you please stop repeating every word I say? It’s really starting to get to me.”

At that exact moment, the elevator came to a stop.

“Uffff…” I growled as I quickly got out, pushed the door of my apartment open and slammed the door in his face.

I tried to figure this whole thing out.

All I could do was pace around this entire place.

I was pacing like a madman on a mission in my apartment.

What the hell was I thinking when I agreed to this?!

I can’t stick to our little agreement.

I can’t keep pretending.

I hate him.

I can’t stand being close to him any longer.

I don’t want to do this.

Or do I?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #15

Shamma’s P.O.V

I exhaled sharply as I entered my apartment, dropping the million shopping bags I was holding, dragging my aching feet on the floor plopping down on the couch with closed eyes and sighing. I was tired from the shopping trip I just came from. My heavy eyelids shot open when I heard a deep male laughter coming from the kitchen.

Msh '3areebah hal '6a7kah, i thought.

“What the hell?” I whispered to myself.

As I stood up and reached the kitchen, my jaw fell to the floor. There, around the isle, stood...

“Saif?” I asked shocked.

Saif just muffled his laughter at the sight of me. “s-shu tsawe hne? Kaif d5alt a9lan?! Oh god what if someone saw you come in?! Shu yaybnk?!” I shrieked.

He stood up, and walked towards me dragging me to the couch in the living room, “I have my ways,” he smirked.

I turned my head towards him and made a face, “I don’t think this is such a good idea anymore.”

“Oh, come on, Shamsa! You can’t back out now. It’s just for a few of days. If I can stand it so can you. I mean, don’t you want to have that ass begging and drooling over you. Just imagine him on his knees begging for you to get together with him and you telling him to get a life in front of everyone,” he said.

Images matching the description Saif had made flashed before my eyes and I felt the overwhelming rush of power and revenge run through my veins. I exhaled sharply, “ohooo ok! allah y3eeeny ,, i'll do it” I said, causing Saif to sigh in relief, “bas awal shay you’re definitely going to have to memorize my name. It’s Shamma. Get it through that head of yours. Sham-ma. It’s not that hard.”

“yeah yeah okay whatever,” he said dryly as he made himself comfortable, sitting on the couch with his feet propped on the table in front of him chanah el mkan mkan uboh.

“uhh aih enta you do realize that you’re at my place?”

“uhh aih enti you do realize that I don’t give a damn?” he mocked me.

“Have I ever told you how much I hate you?” I asked looking right into his eyes with a deadly serious expression. “All the time,” he said, a cocky grin settling on his lips as he stared right back at me.

He got up and walked towards me. He was getting closer and closer and closer …

I saw him standing so close to me, his eyes boring into mine. His warmth and scent soaking through my senses, quickly becoming an irresistible sensation. We stood there and it felt like my heart was going to jump right out of my chest, it was beating so hard.

He shifted his gaze away from mine for a minute and I couldn’t help it ..

I studied his face. No, not only his face. I couldn't help but let my eyes travel all over his oh-so-sexy body, lingering longer than necessary. My eyes involuntarily scanned down to his shirt, where the fabric clung to him, showing off his perfectly sculpted abs through the shirt. Then down to his white board shorts hanging loosely off of his hips.

I shook my head before returning my gaze back to his face. I turned the other way from his hypnotizing eyes so I wouldn’t get caught staring.

“What are you staring at?” he asked casually.

From the corners of my eyes I could see him gazing at me for a moment. I shivered.

I turned my head slowly again to caught another breathtaking sight of him. At that moment I found myself staring into his eyes.


My mind was screaming and my heart was pumping fast, like I had just run a marathon.

I broke the eye contact and I looked nervously around the room. I raised my gaze again at him and I felt like I could die at that very moment.

“Hmm?” I replied, snapping out of my trance. It was as though he'd pulled me out of some fantasy.

Saif was looking at me and when our eyes met I quickly looked away. Like I'd just been caught with my hand in a cookie jar ..

“I said, what are you staring at? I can feel you staring at me. Your eyes were practically boring holes right through me,” he said. I noticed the wicked grin plastered on his face.

Yal f’6ee7ah! Shiiit yl3an el '3abaaa2!

I felt a blush creep to my face, he had caught me staring at him and now he was doing exactly the same thing. He stared down at me, a slight smirk tugging at one corner of his lips.

Saif merely stares. I don’t like it. It feels too much like an invasion of privacy, the way he’s gazing at me. Shu ha? He doesn't even try to disguise the fact he's staring.

Saif’s P.O.V

I found myself staring at her. I gulped when I realized how breathtaking she was. But that was nothing compared to what followed. I stared right into her eyes and I almost had a heart attack. Her light brown eyes completing the view of her face, the most perfect artwork of the most talented artist.

I let my eyes travel slowly, drinking in the sight. I knew it was making her uncomfortable, but I couldn’t help it. She was more than I’d ever dared to dream.

Reluctantly, I lifted my eyes from her body, back to her face.

She was blushing furiously. I couldn’t help but chuckle. For some reason, her shyness was amusing to me. Perhaps because I really couldn’t understand what she had to be shy about. I had never seen anyone so perfect before, not even Chloe.

I leaned in and nearly had her trapped between the wall and me. I placed my hand on the wall beside her, effectively closing in on her. I was standing so close ,, our breath mingled.

“By the way,” I whispered after a few minutes of studying her face, “I know I got you hypnotized, so mesmerized.”

Friday, January 8, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #14

Shamma’s P.O.V

I took in a deep breath as I walked side by side with Meera and entered the familiar building.

The guys were acting giddy, staring at us like they had never seen girls before, while jealousy was running in the veins of just about every girl out there. They all envy us.

We’re gorgeous, there’s no use denying it. I’m rather petite, but with curves in all the right places. I have shoulder-length, hazel wavy hair and short bangs which frame my face perfectly and slightly tan skin. My cheekbones are high and well-defined and my eyebrows are high-arched. I’ve got light brown eyes, a sharp long nose, pouty cherry pink lips with and to top it off, a beauty mark right next to my upper lip. Meera is a bit taller than me, slender and curvy. She has long, flowing black hair that goes down to the middle of her back, big deep brown eyes, tiny noise and bright pink lips. She had a beauty mark just below her eye that only added to her beauty. We both had a slight glow about our faces, we were the picture of innocent beauty.

“Ah... Monday! Don’t you just love it?” Meera asked with a huge satisfied grin on her face.

Under heavy eyelids, I threw a glance in my best friend’s direction before shaking my head and sighing, “You’re in serious need of psychiatric treatment, t3arfeen?”

“What? I like school, so?” I shrugged, “a7b when they stare and get envious of what they can’t have.”

“My point exactly. Liking school is one of the clear signs that shows you need MAJOR help,” I said with a serious tone.

Meera’s right eyebrow cocked up and I continued, “It’s true. In any teen’s brain, there’s a logical equation engraved: fun equals good, school equals bad. Therefore if school is bad, this means no happy faces on Monday mornings, especially at 9 am. It’s considered weird, just weird!”

Meera just stared at me and asked, “Who are you and what have you done with Shamma?”

I sighed heavily and said, “I couldn’t sleep last night, again! So I stayed up late watching the Discovery channel. Big show on psychology, logics and madre shu, bas don’t worry it’ll probably go away in- Saif!” I stopped my explanations as Saif stood in my way and blocked the path.

“Need to talk to you, Shamsa!” he said with a dry voice.

“It’s Shamma,” I muttered rolling my eyes in annoyance, “and I can’t now, I have classes.” I tried to move around him, but he took a step and once again was towering over me. “It won’t take long,” he grumbled.

It was clear he didn’t want to be there. He scanned the hall and saw several people staring at us. It was easy to understand why. Everyone knew about the wall of deep hatred between me and Saif. Obviously, they expected the usual shouting and swearing that usually happened within five minutes of us being near each other. This time it wasn’t happening. Why? All the students wondered as they watched.

I sighed and turned to face Meera, “Meeroh enti seery, I’ll catch up with you in a minute.”

“Shu tba?” I grumbled as I looked at Saif.

“Bakalmch,” he said coldly.

“uhh enzain? I’m here, talk w fkny,” I said dryly.

“Mb hne,” he frowned, throwing evil glances at all the students that stared at us, before grabbing me by the arm and dragging me out of there.

“Ouch! Y3awerrr!” I shouted, trying to pull my arm out of his grip but failing, “Hdnyyy!” I practically screamed as we rounded a corner and reached the back of the school.

He stopped and let go of my arm. “That hurt yal 7mar,” I grumbled rubbing my sore arm, “7aywan, stupid, idiot, dipshit, asswipe, jerk.”

“Are we done with the cursing, love?” he asked annoyed.

“No! You’re also the biggest asshole I’ve ever seen and stop calling me love,” I yelled again, “Shu tba?”

“Chloe back,” he answered simply.

I paused for a second before I said, “Ok, I realize you’re a bit slow and all but...” I began to speak slowly, exaggerating every single word, “I. Am. Not. Chloe” I tilted my head towards him, as if trying to find out if he had understood me.

“Oh, you’re definitely not Chloe,” he said with a sarcastic tone, which made me flinch. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I muttered angrily.

“Let’s not go down that road,” he quickly tried to change the subject, “I think we can help each other. You want 5leefah, I want Chloe back, we should join forces.”

“Two things: I would never ever join anything with you and I don’t want 5leefah. I just want him to get a very painful disease which would cause his private parts to fall off,” I said with a huge fake grin.

Saif couldn’t help but wince at the description. Shaking himself out of that bad place in his mind he said, “Ma tbain 5leefah? Tg9een 3ala mnu enti?” Trach tla7geenah everywhere since you saw him that night at the club.”

“Just until I find the best way to cause a hell lot of pain to that bastard,” I said harshly.

Saif paused for second while I just sighed annoyingly and began to walk away. “How about having him head over heels for you?” he shouted.

I stopped, turned around to look at him and lifted an eyebrow, “I’m listening.”

“I can help you get him. Even if you show him you don’t want him, he’ll be begging at your feet,” he started to explain as he walked towards me.

“Begging is good,” I said simply as I waited to hear the rest of the plan.

“And at the same time I can get Chloe back.”

“So shu lazem asawy?” I asked “Pretendtobemygirlfriend,” he said in one breath.

“Whaaaaat?!” I shrieked, “are you out of your mind?!”

“The moment the 2 of them see us together they’ll go nuts with jealousy. Chloe b3dha t7bne I know it,” Saif quickly explained.

“What about 5leefah?” I asked as I turned my head towards him.

“He could never stand seeing me and Chloe happy, 3shan che ybaha. Etha chafny wyach, he’ll want you. Plus there’s nothing that a man wants than something he can’t have.”

“You’ve hit your head recently, haven’t you?” I asked sincerely.

“No, I’m telling you it’ll work trust me, I know 5leefah,” he said.

“Trust? You? Oh you’ve definitely lost it,” I laughed.

Saif kept mumbling something under his breath as he reached into his pockets and took out a pack of cigarettes, bringing one to his lips and lighting it.

“Hey hey hey, no smoking!” I grabbed the cigarette, which dangled from his mouth and dropped it to the floor as I stepped on it. He just shot me an evil look.

There was a moment of silence. I scanned the outlying football field recognizing the form of Khalifa. In the distance I saw Chloe clapping hysterically at each successful pass Khalifa performed. I felt my stomach twist in disgust, and without turning to look at Saif who was behind me I asked, “Shu asawe?”

“Hang out with me. People have to see us together, holding hands, hugging and che t3arfeen,” Saif said.

“No, nooooo way in hell!” I shook my head and waved my arms around as I turned to face him. “I’m not touching you! Maba agareb 9obek!”

“You don’t see me jumping around singing ‘oh, joy! Oh, joy!’ either, love,” he said coldly.

“Ughh fine!” I finally said, “bas we hang out when I want mb 3a kaifk u come whenever you want.”

“What? No! lazem we hang out a lot wela it won’t work!” he said shaking his head.

“No way and that’s final. We do it my way or it’s off,” I said as I crossed my arms waiting for his answer.

Eventually, he gave up and shaking his head he mumbled, “Fine, we’ll do it your way.”

“Good. When do we start?” I asked. “hmm tomorrow?” he said.

“Ok, tomorrow we’re officially a couple,” I mumbled sarcastically.

“One more thing. No one can know about our little deal or it’s off,” he warned me.

“Tstahbal? It wouldn’t exactly work if everyone knew about it, ya thak thak enta.”

“Just making sure. No telling rbee3tch hay or anyone!” he said. “What? bas Meeroh’s not gonna tell anyone,” I shot back.

“I don’t care. No one can know,” he said dryly. “But…” I said, but he cut me off. “No buts, 7abeebti.”

“Fine!” I muttered looking at my watch. “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I’m sooo late!” I said as I looked up at him with a deadly gaze, “Kela mnk. Oh and one more thing, I hate you!” I yelled as I ran to my next class.

“same here, el 7ub!” he shouted after me laughing his ass off.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #13

Shamma’s P.O.V

The days passed and eventually the looks thrown in my direction lessened. I walked quickly through the halls as I looked at my watch. I sighed in relief when I reached my destination and stood quietly staring out into the field. I still caught the last 5 minutes of football practice, cursing under my breath the entire time as I watched Khalifa run through the field.

“Shammoh, enti hne!” Meera sighed in relief.

I jumped in surpsrise while I clutched my chest to calm my racing heart, “bsmellah Meeroh, shu tsaween hne?” I exclaimed breathlessly.

“Watching you torture yourself into insanity,” Meera stated tilting her head towards the field.

“I-I wasn’t... I...” I tried to explain, but it was no use, I got caught.

“You’ve been following 5leefah around for weeks now, you have to move on!” she shouted.

“I’ll move on when I see him on his knees begging me for forgiveness,” I said firmly.

“You still want him, don’t you?” Meera asked.

“What? No!” I shrieked, “I just want to see him suffer and beg at my feet so I can tell him ‘You’ve missed your chance.’” An evil revengeful glow sparkled in my eyes as I spoke, clearly imagining my moment of victory.

“Shamma...” Meera tried to warn me, but I started walking away, “Don’t even try to talk me out of this one. I’ll find a way to get him, and until I do I’ll just follow him!” I shouted.

Later that day, I was walking down the streets of New York. I shivered silently at the chilly winter night as I gazed into the night sky. There above me was the night sky in all its glory, the stars twinkling like a white veil, sparkling and glinting in the black night. I hugged my coat tighter, trying to warm myself as I walked quietly several feet behind him so I would remain unnoticed. I already knew where he was going. It was Friday night, he was obviously going to pick her up. Bastard!

As the dimly lit house came into view, I left the sidewalk and hid behind the tall bushes. I heard the unnatural rustle of leafs and looked up at the nearest tree.

“Oh, God! What a freak!” I whispered to myself at the sight of some guy moving between branches, struggling to see what was happening on the front porch of the house.

I picked up a long stem and reached up to poke him. He lost his balance and tumbled down the tree, falling on the ground with a thud.

“What was that?” I heard Khalifa ask.

“Probably just the cat,” a sickenly feminine voice answered, it was Chloe.

Saif looked up to see me cockily towering over him, “you’re pa-“

A flash of anger rushed through him and in a blink of an eye he was up, his hand covering my mouth, his body crushing mine against the tree he had just fallen off of. We glared silently at one another until Saif felt a sharp pain in the palm of his hand and quickly pulled his hand away from my mouth.

“Ouch!” he hissed as he checked his hand for any sign of injury. Sure enough he found a small, but deep and flaming red bite mark, “you bit me!”

“You’re pathetic, you know that?” I hissed at him, “creeping around in the dark and spying on your ex.”

“I’m pathetic? You mean to tell me you’re not here because you’ve been following that ass back there?” Saif shot back tilting his head towards the house.


“Tt7arain eni ma3arf that you’ve been walking around the entire university following him everywhere?” he asked with a cocky grin.

“Well at least I don’t go around climbing trees and making poor little lost puppy eyes every time I see my ex,” I hissed.

“I’m love’s bitch and I’m man enough to admit it,” he confessed proudly raising his chin.

I had no quick comeback for that one, so all I had to say was, “crazy stalker.”

“I love Chloe, I’ve always loved her, ever since I can remember. I’m not gona lose her to some player,” he said.

“Oh, now that’s just sad,” I looked at him with fake pity.

“Like you’re not dying to have 5leefah. All he’d have to do is-” he growled, but he didn’t have much time to finish his not so clever comment as I kicked him, turned on my heels and walked away.

To hell with Khalifa, awanh I’m dying to have him, y5ase! I thought to myself.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #12

Saif’s P.OItalic.V

“We need to talk,” my voice was sharp and low as I grabbed Chloe by her arm and dragged her to the nearest corner.

“Saif! What-” she shrieked before I cut her off. “Is it true? Please tell me it isn’t true.”

“What isn’t true, Saif?” she asked with a soft voice as she ran her hand across my cheek. I closed my eyes for a split second before gripping her hand and pulling it away. “Answer me!”

She took a deep breath and sighed. Making an irritated face she answered simply, “yes.”

“What?!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I’ve been with Khalifa. I was going to tell you-”

“When? When everyone in the entire university already knew about it and I had no idea whatsoever?” I hissed as I shot her an angry stare.

“I knew you wouldn’t understand,” she sighed annoyed.

“That’s right, I don’t! Chloe? You’re my girl, mine” I growled.

“Not anymore,” she answered plainly.


“It’s over Saif, I’m with Khalifa now. I’m sorry,” she said before walked away, leaving me standing there trying to figure out what the hell just happened.


Shamma’s P.O.V

I dragged my feet as I walked across the hall, “Klhm y6al3oony,” I grumbled.

“No, they’re not.” Meera lied.

“Meeroh, I’m not blind or deaf,” I rolled my eyes and sighed as I plopped my body on the chair setting the tray on the table.

“It’ll all blow over in a couple of weeks, when they get another thing to gossip about,” Meera said.

“I really hope- Oh, God no!” I breathed as I saw Khalifa walking into the food court area, his arms draped across Chloe’s waist.

“Shammoh, just calm down.”

“God, I swear, by the end of the year I’m gonna break something off of him,” I hissed between clenched teeth as I furiously pounded my fork into the food. I looked at my plate and realized that I had just spread the food all over the table. “umm I think I’ve lost my ap-”

A loud banging sound was heard as we turned our heads, just in time to see Khalifa crash into some guy, sending them both on the floor.

A very pissed Saif hovered over them, “you stay away from Chloe,” he growled.

Quickly, Khalifa stood on his feet and glared at Saif, “or what?” he shot back.

Saif’s answer came in the form of a punch and soon someone was yelling off the top of their lungs, “FIIIIIIGHT!!”

A bunch of driven teens screamed and cheered enthusiastically, coming to circle them as the two exchanged hard punches.

“What is going on here?!” a loud booming voice was heard and everyone turned to see the principal standing by the door.

The crowd quickly hurried away to reveal two bloodied up boys frozen in position.

“You two...” he yelled as he glared at them with angry-looking eyes, “move it, my office, now!”

The two boys still had time to exchange a dirty look as they untangled themselves and walked after the short, bald man.

“Poor Saif,” Meera sighed as we walked out to the courtyard and she sat on the bench next to Ashley.

“Poor Saif? What about me? Publicly humiliated at the club, remember?” I said as I walked around in circles in front of them. “Oh, you too, but... Saif, well... you know, he’s been crazy about Chloe ever since I can remember and to see his long time girlfriend going around smooching with Khalifa can’t be giving him any happy feelings,” Ashley tried to explain.

“Who cares about Saif and happy feelings? He’s an idiot and he probably got what he deserved,” I grumbled under my breath.

“I have to agree with Ashley on this one. Saif’s always been head over heels for Chloe from what I can see. He worships the ground she walks on .. no, actually any ground near that girl!” Meera said.

“Whatever,” I muttered as I sighed and rolled my eyes annoyingly.

“They’ve been together ever since she moved here, like two years ago, and you and 5aloof aren’t even together, you can’t comp-” seeing the deadly look I was shooting at her, Meera quickly shut up.

Exhaling sharply, I plopped on the bench, between them. “God, I hate this university,” I grumbled.

“Shammoh, you...” Meera trailed off as she saw a fairly beat-up Khalifa walk out into the courtyard.

I glanced in the direction of Meera’s frozen gaze to see Chloe running hysterically towards him, wet wipes in her hand, ready to take care of his bleeding lip.

“Kill, kill, kill, kill...” I kept on mumbling under my breath.

The entire courtyard came to a stop as everyone saw the infamous Saif, walk out a few moments after Khalifa. I stare. Everyone stares. We can't help it, you just have to. Besides, he's just so handsome. It's like we are all frozen in time because of all the handsomeness. Everyone was eagerly waiting to see what would happen. Those who expected a big scene or another bloody fist fight were clearly disappointed as Saif simply glanced at the couple and walked away with his head down as he dug nervously into the pockets of his jeans, clearly in need of a smoke.

“You can seriously tell me you don’t feel sorry for the poor guy?” Meera asked incredulously.

“hmm... no?” I said sarcastically, “I’m too occupied with hating Khalifa and that skanky ho to feel any sort of sympathy for anyone, especially not that idiot.”

“Why do you hate him so much?” Meera asked since she had never quite understood it.

“Ok, need I remind you the first time I met him was when he bumped into me at the airport, didn’t bother to pick up the stuff he dropped and all he had to say was ‘sorry princess’?”

Meera’s eyebrows came together in a painful frown as she remembered that day.

“Plus he’s so full of himself, and cocky and annoying as hell with that ridiculous smirk. He just keeps pissing me off, thinking everyone wants him and... he’s a jerk!” I said frustrated before we stood up and walked to our classes, “I just don’t like him that’s all.”

And he has made these past few weeks a living hell since I first saw him!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #11

Shamma’s P.O.V

The moment I walked into the large door, I felt the burden of a hundred eyes on me. I felt like I was in one of those cheesy teen movies, walking in slow motion through the halls while everyone turned to gawk at me, a look of pity plastered on all those faces. The fact that it was still the first day of university didn’t help at all. I felt my stomach turn and my breakfast quickly crawling its way up.

I slammed my hand against my mouth and made a run for the girl’s bathroom. Once I got there, I entered the nearest available stall and threw myself into it. Dropping limply next to the toilet, I threw up.

I breathed heavily, my head still hovering over the toilet as I waited for the next wave of nausea to take over. I stayed there for a few minutes, waiting for everyone to clear out of the restroom. The ringing of the bell sounded and I imagined having to face all those people again.

By now, the few students that hadn’t been at the club to witness my total humiliation had already heard of all the details.

“God, I hate my life,” I exhaled noisily as I banged my head against the door before standing up.

Slowly, I turned the tap and let the water run for a while before splashing my face with the crystal liquid. I looked up at the mirror to see my pathetic expression staring back at me as I reapplied my makeup. I shook my head and closed my eyes for a second, searching for the courage to leave that bathroom.

“Let the drama begin,” I mumbled pushing the door open and walking down the hall.

“Why if it isn’t the spoiled little rich brat?!”

I felt the pain in my belly increase at the sound of the familiar voice. I stopped dead in my tracks, but never turned to face him, instead I waited for him to stand in front of me.

“Late for class are we? Now, what would everyone think of that, Shamsa?” he mocked with fake concern in his voice.

“It’s Shamma! What do you want, blondie?” I hissed at him.

“Me? Nothing. Just being polite,” he answered with a cocky grin.

“You? polite? ha!” I laughed forcibly as I restarted walking.

He followed me, “so, what are you doing out of class?”

I stopped and turned to face him with a frown.

‘Does he seriously have no idea?’ I thought to myself as I saw him shove his hands into the pockets of his hoodie waiting for an answer.

“Why don’t you ask your skanky girlfriend?” I shot back.

“Hey! Don’t call Chloe that!” he said as anger flashed in his eyes.

“Why? That’s what you call people who go around making out with someone who isn’t their boyfriend,” I said as I looked straight into his eyes.

“3an shu ttkalmain?” he hissed back.

“Atkalam 3an your girlfriend and Khalifa having a major make out session in front of everyone at some club on Saturday,” I talked quickly as the images of that evening flashed before my eyes and I could feel my blood boil.

Suddenly, his hands were on my arms and I felt my back slam against the lockers. He glared at me, teeth clenched tightly. “You better take that back,” he hissed angrily.

I swallowed hard as I tried to calm my racing heartbeat. “It’s true,” I said, the words coming out in a flood of anger.

“You’re lying!” he accused me.

“Apparently, you didn’t know your sweet girlfriend has been going out with Khalifa,” I said.

He closed his eyes for a second as he tried to get his nerves under control and stop himself from doing anything he’d regret later.

“You don’t believe me? Go ask your girlfriend,” I said as I gathered my courage, grabbed his hands and forced him to let go of my arm, “now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got classes to go to.” And with that I turned around and quickly made my way to class.

‘He doesn’t know?’ was the tune that kept replaying in my head the whole time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #10

Shamma’s P.O.V

A couple of weeks have passed since Meera has arrived, Khalifa and I just continued to ignore each other’s presence like we used to, Saif turned out to be taken by some American girl. I never know why he came to talk to me that day, he’s basically being a jerk to me every time we bump into each other and vice versa. A wall had been built between us, a wall of hate. The holidays were almost over, university was starting in a few days, Meera and I had a change of plans since we decided to stay in the States for university instead of heading back. Both Khalifa and Saif turned out to be in the same university as us, isn’t that just great?

We just go out from the movies with a couple of friends, when we passed by some club and they decided to go in just for the hell of it. A cloud of thick smoke engulfed us we walked into the club.

“I hate these places,” I whined as I practically coughed my lungs out.

“Oh, come on honey, it’s not that bad,” Ashley, a friend of ours, said.

“Yeah, it’s even worse!” Meera complained.

“Shut up you guys, let’s dance,” Ashley said giddily as she practically dragged the rest of the girls to the dance floor.

Meera and I just stayed behind and stared into the crowd. A strange look was plastered on the Meera’s face, she seemed kinda pale. Before I could ask her what was wrong, the rest of the girls returned.

“Meera? Are you ok? What’s wrong?” Ashley asked.

“Oh, nothing. Maybe we should all just go home,” Meera replied.

“Go home?” Ashley’s voice hovered over us, “we just got here.”

“But, we should just go. I-I’m tired and… I need to go,” Meera’s mind seemed to be searching frantically for an excuse.

“Meeroh, shu feech?” I could easily read the fear and nervousness in my best friend’s eyes.

“Mashay ok?! let’s just go,” Meera insisted as she glanced out of the corner of her eyes.

“what-” I stopped as I followed her gaze.

I couldn’t help it, I tried to fight back the dreadful feeling that was boiling and erupting from inside me. It was a feeling that I couldn’t describe, it made me feel... weak physically, and emotionally. And that was something I’m sure I never was before now. I wasn’t weak before this point, but now, it seemed I was. I had always told myself that people only felt this way toward me. And yet, now, I was getting my own fair deal of this dreadful feeling. It made me want to scream, to cry out when no one was looking.

Jealousy. I was jealous.

It was that plain, that simple. I was never jealous of anyone.

“5leefah?” I felt as if the ground had been ripped from under her feet.

I didn’t want to believe my eyes. Khalifa, my Khalifa, the one I secretly liked, the one who claimed to have feelings for me, was actually out on the dance floor, arms tightly wrapped around a tall, skinny woman, whose black hair cascaded down her back as she danced against him.

“What...” I couldn’t speak as the lump in my throat grew to the point I thought I couldn’t breathe anymore.

“Shammoh, I-I’m sorry, I...” Meera stuttered clumsily as she saw the pain plastered over my face.

I watched as the skanky girl kissed Khalifa’s neck while he closed his eyes in a clear sign of pleasure. Slowly, I recognized her, it was Chloe, the girl that hung out with that idiot Saif. As the seconds melted away, the pain turned into anger and rage.

In a flash, I was up and crossing the dance floor. With all the strength I could muster I gripped Chloe by her scrawny shoulder and threw her across the floor.

“What? Shamma? Wha-what are you doing here?” Khalifa stuttered like an idiot.

“That’s my line!” I growled. “You like me, remember?” I said sarcastically, “you aren’t supposed to be here groping this trashy thing while she’s sucking on your neck.”

“Hey!” Chloe objected. Before she could say anything else, my small hands were on her throat and we fell to the ground in a violent catfight.

“Shamma!” Meera called out, “someone, do something?”

“What…? Huh?” one of the girls snapped out of her daze, grabbed me by the waist, and pulled me off a badly beat-up Chloe who could barely sit up.

“Let go of me!” I yelled off the top of my lungs as I wildly kicked the air and my nails dug into the girl’s hand. “I’m gonna kill you!” I continued to shout at Chloe.

“Calm down Shamma, this isn’t the way!” Meera tried to explain, but I would have none of it.

The rage cursed through my veins, my eyes flashed brightly with fury.

“You’re insane!” Chloe screamed as she finally managed to stand up with Khalifa’s help.

“Get your hands away from-” I shouted.

“From who? From him?” Chloe asked, the arrogance building up in her sharp accent as she pointed toward Khalifa. “He’s not even yours, sweetie. Do you really think that he would be satisfied with a little thing like you. Please. He’s been coming to me, to me, for months now,” she hissed, “did you really think that he’d want to be with you? Ha! I had to bite my lip every time I walked by you, just so I wouldn’t start laughing at just how incredibly pathetic you looked while ogling him.”

I felt as if the air had just been sucked out of the room and I couldn’t breathe. I opened and closed my mouth repeatedly as I tried to speak, but I couldn’t. All eyes were on me, I could hear the snickering and whispering in the background growing.

“5leefah..” I finally managed to whisper.

He simply looked at the floor, never giving me a glance.

“I.. I.. I have to go,” I breathed as I ran out of the club, tears trickling down my cheeks.