Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #18

Was this fast enough for you guys? and it's pretty looong too, eh? ;) you could actually use a break in the middle of it haha :p newaaays hope you enjoooy! :D and silent readers don't forget to commeeeeeentt ! :p

Shamma’s P.O.V

“Well we better go,” I said practically dragging a dumbstruck Saif by his hand. “Bye Chloe,” I shouted with a huge fake smile plastered on my face. I passed by Meera and she was giving me a look that screamed ‘what-on-earth-are-you-doing?’ “Meeroh don’t kill me,” I whispered, “bat9lbch later wallah.”

Meera was just gawking at us, the 'odd couple', her jaw glued to the floor along with everyone else’s

My arms snapped away from his the moment my feet touched the concrete on the other side of the street, away from prying eyes. I doubled my pace as I noticed Saif still staring at me, clearly not believing what had just happened. After a few painfully silent steps, I suddenly stopped and spun around to face him.

“Shuuu?!” I asked trying to sound as annoyed as I could, but the emotion in my voice was definitely awkwardness.

Saif looked down at me and his lips curled to one side for a slight smile. Nodding, he softly said “Thanks.”

I was a bit thrown off by his reaction, it actually sounded sincere. This was abnormal. I shook my head nervously as if trying to push down the strange feeling that crept up my spine.

“You’re welcome bas don’t expect me to do that for you mara thanyeh. Che a7s yatne some sort of allergic reaction just from touching you,” I tried to sound convincingly disgusted but failed miserably and I could tell he wasn’t buying it as his trademark smirk crept over his lips.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and started to walk beside me, “whatever you say .. 7ubi.”

“And don’t call me 7ubi!” I snapped at him as I shot daggers at him with my eyes.

“Sure galbi.”

There it was again!

On his face!

That stupid, dreadful, cocky grin that was making me ...


What?! No!

Stupid dreadful cocky grin was supposed to make me angry ,, disgusted ,, annoyed ...

Not nervous!

Never nervous!

I kicked myself mentally as I realized too much time had passed since his last reply for me to come up with a successful comeback.

That stupid distracting grin! I thought to myself as I kicked the pebbles that lay in my path.

Once again we walked in a nerve-racking silence, making me fidget with the straps of my coat. Suddenly I whipped my head around to face him. “Why are you here?” I asked out of the blue.

“Laneh my mom and dad were really horny about 19 years ago?” he said with a smirk.

Stupid, distracting ... eheee snap out of it Shamma! I scolded myself mentally.

“Oh you’re funny!” I replied sarcastically.

He smiled at me and eventually answered the question sarcastically, “walking my girlfriend home.”

Somehow, that simple phrase made it impossible for me to control my breathing and swallowing at the same time and I was practically coughing my lungs.

“Are you ok 7ubi?” he asked somewhat concerned as he watched me bend over, trying hard to breathe.

Saif watched in panic as my face changed from red to purple to blue and finally back to red cheeks and a furious looking face.

I looked up at him, flushed face, shooting daggers at him, “don’t *cough* call me *cough* that...”

I simply started to march my way down the street and into the building with a panicked Saif trailing closely behind. “I hate you,” I grumbled as I sat down at one of the tables in the lobby.

“Same here Shamsa,” he answered crossing his arms over his chest as he stood close by.

I opened my mouth to protest but gave up half way.

I was too tired...

It was Friday afternoon and I’d had a full week.

I just didn’t have the energy to argue with hal annoying ensan.

So I chose to remain there perfectly still, occasionally letting out a sigh or two hoping that he might take a hint and simply leave me alone. To my misfortune he did no such thing. Instead he made his way to the where I was sitting and took a seat opposite of me, with the same annoying grin plastered on his face.

“Ufff shu tba?” I grumbled as I held my head between my hands, my fingers buried in my hazel strands, my eyes staring down at the marble table. Before he had a chance to answer, I let out a heavy sigh and looked up to stare at him, “why do you insist on torturing me? Just go. Go Away. Be free.” I waved my hand at him but he paid no attention to it.

“You know it’ll work. That’s why you helped me out today.”

“No I helped you out because that scene was just so painfully pathetic, that it just wasn’t fun to watch anymore,” I said, “I just don’t get it. Why in God’s name would you put yourself through kel hal embarrassing public humiliation just for her. What do you see in that fugly bit-"

I wasn’t able to finish my sentence as he was on his feet and towering over my petite form in an instant. “Gb’6y lsanech etha battkalmain 3anha this way. You don't know anything,” he growled as he was still dangerously close to me.

A hint of fear sent a chill down my spine as I looked up at him, but my facial expression never showed that. The strong fearless look was still on my face and it didn’t fade for a second. It was like awany 3ad mb zay’3eh even though I was actually zaga el 3afya. I couldn’t help but let out a small sigh of relief when he backed away moments after.

“Look I’m sorry... I- Just don’t talk about Chloe that way,” he finally said as he moved back to his seat.

I held my hands up in the air in a sign of surrender, “fine.”

We stayed in an awkward silence for a few minutes, both trying hard to find a topic that would put an end to this uncomfortable moment.

Saif was the first to try, “so...”


“What about the plan? Is it back... on?” he dared to ask.

“You really like her that much?”

Saif said nothing. He simply nodded. It wasn’t necessary for him to say anything.

I shook my head as I couldn’t believe what I was about to say. “Ok. Fine. I’ll do it,” I grumbled in a low voice.

An instant spark flashed in his eyes, “what?!” he asked in disbelief.

“Are you deaf aw shay? Glt I’ll do it, zain che?”

In a flash he was out of his seat and pulled me out of mine wrapping his arms around me, smashing my small form against his chest in the process.

I froze.

My paralyzed arms were glued to my sides.

I didn’t know what to say.

I was in shock.

Eventually, when I realized he wasn’t going to let go of me any time soon, I said, “umm ... Saif? Shu yales tsawe?”

That simple question was enough to bring him out from his abnormal bizarre moment and in an instant he let go of me and took a step backwards. “Sorry. Wasn’t thinking.”

“Next time you have one of those weird moments, let me know, ok?” I said nervously as I sat back down.

He simply nodded and dropped back onto the chair.

“Why are you sitting down?” A puzzled look spread across my face, and I raised an eyebrow as if waiting for Saif to tell me something I didn’t know.

“Umm,” he mumbled confused, “we have to plan?”

“Plan what?”

“What we are going to do tomorrow, you know. How we are supposed to act,” he said as if he was stating the obvious.

“Oh...” I frowned for a moment, thinking about what the limits would have to be, “we’ll walk together and hold hands?” And with that I slumped against the chair and stared up at the ceiling. A beautiful and expensive-looking chandelier dangled down from the high ceiling, the tiny crystals coated with a thin layer of gold. I started to count the crystals not knowing what else to do.

“Hold hands? That’s it?” he asked incredulously moving his chair closer to mine.

My eyes were still fixed on the chandelier. Nervousness took over me.

“H-haih,” I replied in an uncertain tone.

“Oh come on! Ma7ad bay9adeg kel ha if they don’t see some action,” he said lifting his eyebrows up and down as a naughty grin lit up his face.

“Hey! we’re not going to- There will definitely be no ‘action’. And there will be no one watching me and you do whatever it is you’re thinking about!” My eyes went back to the chandelier once again. Damn it! No more crystals left for me to count! What do I do now?

Saif smirked as he realized what I was thinking, “ya3ne making out, french kissing. Nothing else.”

“You want me and you to k-kiss? F-french kiss?!”

Saif simply nodded.

"I want to kiss you," he forced out.

I was staring at him in disbelief.

"W-What did you say?"

"You heard me, I said that I want to kiss you. I want to be able to inhale your scent, to breathe in your amazing scent. I want to keep it with me forever and ever. Everyday. I want to kiss you so badly. I want to feel your lips on mine," he said.

I looked really confused.

"You can't be serious," I whispered, searching his eyes for the truth.

My face was turning very red and so hot that Saif could probably feel the heat radiating off of me.

"I really want to kiss you. I haven't been able to stop to thinking about you. The feeling of your lips on mine is always on my mind. You're always on my mind. So can I kiss you?"

I was now flushed, seriously!

"uhh w-what the hell? I- I- what are you saying? No. No way! I wouldn’t want to touch you with a ten-foot pole, let alone let you stick your tongue down my throat!” My face flushed in all sorts of ways as I nervously searched for something to occupy myself with.

A roar of laughter erupted from Saif, “HAHAHA! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE! WAHAHAHA T’6A7KEEN WALLAH! 3ad eli ygool I actually wana kiss you.”

My face was flushed by the sudden burst of heat.

“Chub chub don't flatter yourself, I'm immune to you. A9lan you don’t have that effect on me w plus I was just hot cuz estwa 7ar hne and-” I said.

“9eeeeew 6aaaaaa5! yeah right! a9lan I was just messing with you bas it’s not like you wouldn’t like that. I know you think I'm hot and you sure as hell wana kiss me. You want me to kiss you senseless, make the rest of the world just disappear. Don’t deny it,” he said with that smug smirk of his.

His voice was so deep and husky and simply oozing sexiness. It made me shut up!

“hahaha sakatnaha! Enzaaain el mhmmm ... so we’re just supposed to hold hands?! They’ll never believe it and you know it!” he said.

I. Am. Not. Kissing. You,” I said flatly.


“Take it or leave it!” I said as I stood up, my chin held high as if I had made my mind up and there’s no use trying to change it.

Saif knew that he couldn't make me change my mind no matter what. He couldn’t help but sigh, shaking his head as he mumbled, “fine .. we’ll just hold hands...”


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