Monday, February 1, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #19

This post goes out to all you silent readers ;) SO NO MORE SILENT READERS HAAA ?! =p

Shamma’s P.O.V

“What do you mean she walked away with him?” Ashley asked incredulously, staring wide-eyed at Meera who walked beside her.

“I told u! She just slid her arm around his and dragged him out of here,” Meera explained for the 100th time.

“And you haven’t spoken to her the whole weekend?” Ashley continued to question.

“I did but .. every time I called to ask about what has been going on, she’d make up some excuse and hang up.”

“But-” she trailed off as the highlight of their discussion appeared behind them.

“Hey guys,” I greeted them with little enthusiasm.

“There you are! What has been up with you all weekend?!” Meera asked as we continued to walk down the hall.

“uhh well-”

Suddenly, looking more closely, I realized everyone in the hall was gawking at me, “oh God! Do I have like a giant pimple on my face or something?” I asked about to have a panic attack.

Ashley and Meera both shook their head.

“Then why is everyone staring at me?”

“Maybe because of the weird Saif-loving event back on Friday afternoon?” Ashley said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Oh, that...”

“Yes that! I thought we were back to 'hating Saif’s boney ass' mode,” Meera said.

“Well we-“

I wasn’t able to finish my sentence...

I felt two arms wrap around my waist from behind..

I felt those arms pull me close so my back rested against some chest...

My back was pulled flush against a strong chest…

Definitely a male chest!

Before my brain had time to question who it belonged to, a low whispering voice in my ears gave me the answer.

“Morning Shammani.”

I froze...

My body suddenly went rigid...

I couldn’t physically move a muscle...

My heart seemed to skip a beat and leap to my throat...

Nervousness filled each breath I took...

I quickly wriggled out of his grip and backed away.

“Hey...” I greeted back with much less enthusiasm.

God, this is just so strange. WRONG! WRONG! Go away!

A squeaking voice screamed in my head, but I just put on my best imitation of a smile.

I don't know why, but I could feel my cheeks heat up, and my whole body temperature went up at least 20 degrees.

Am I about to start blushing?!

I fought back a blush when I realized how obvious every reaction I had must be to him.

“So how are you?” he asked.

“Uhh fine and you?” I said as I turned my head to face him. I was surprised to find a perfectly calm and cool Saif grinning back at me.

“B5air dam el galb b5air,” he said as his grin grew wider.

I seemed to zone out for a second and when I was back to full attention, the last thing I heard was, “ you have now?”

“Huh...? What?” I asked, shaking my head as I realized I was still staring up at Saif who was now lazily playing with the edge of my shirt.

Not again! That Stupid distracting smirk!

I tried my hardest to keep my thoughts focused on anything other than that smirk of his.

I quickly moved my gaze over to Meera while Saif repeated his question, “what class do you have now?”

“umm...” I struggled with my memory, but for some strange disturbing reason, the feel of his hypnotizing eyes on me seemed to block all my thinking abilities.

Thankfully my life savior Meera butted in, “we’ve got math.”

“ohh yeah math!”

“Well bashofch in third period. 3ndna English together right?” Saif asked as his hand came up to brush a lock of hair off my face.


Think stupid! Think!

“Haih I-I think we do.”

“See you later then,” he shouted as he made his way down the hall, leaving three dumbstruck people behind.

“What. The Hell. Was that?” Ashley tried to ask as calmly as she could manage.

“uhh ,, it’s,, umm...” I struggled with my words, “we better get going, we’re already late. Cu later,” I shouted as I quickly made my way to my next class, dragging a confused Meera behind me.

“But-” Ashley was left standing in the middle of an empty hall as we quickly snuck into the classroom.

During class, I stared at the small crunched up piece of paper lying on my desk.

Written in small bold red letters, I read, ‘what was that all about?’

I looked up and to my right to find Meera staring back at me, eyes wide open.

“Later,” I mouthed.

“Shamma!” The teacher’s voice hovered over the class and everyone turned to gawk at me.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

The old woman nodded slightly and returned to her dull rambling. When I realized I was off the hook, I turned to whisper, “ba5abrch later wallah.”

Class was over and in a flash, Meera was standing next to me, eyes staring widely at me, anxiously waiting for an explanation.

“Uff yalla 5abreeni! What’s happening Shamoh?” Meera asked as her patience ran out.

I paused for a moment and looked up at my best friend. I really didn’t want to lie, but I had promised.

I swallowed hard and in one low and fast breath, I said “Saifsmyboyfriend.”

With that I quickly made my way to the door.

“Shuuuu?!” Meera shouted after me, her high heels making a knocking sound as she tried to catch up with me.

“Explain,” she simply said as soon as she reached my side.

“Saif and I are going out,” I tried to sound as laid-back about it as possible.

“haaa!? kaaif? Mn mta enshallah?” she shouted.

“Shhhh! Mn... last Friday.”


“We figured out that we have a lot in common.”

“Mthl shuuu?!” she asked straight away.

“Mthl... ma3arf, wayed stuff ... mthl...”

“The mutual hatred that you two share?” Meera said with a hint of sarcasm.

“I can’t explain it to you. We’re together now. Things changed.”

Meera opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her off...

“Just trust me, Meeroh. I know what I’m doing.”

Well, I hope...


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