Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Karma's a Bitch* #3

Shamma’s P.O.V

A few months have passed since my arrival back home, Khalifa was nowhere to be seen, and if you ask me how my life is at the moment, I’d tell you perfect. You see right now everything is just right, I’m living my life to the fullest, I have almost everything I could possibly need, the perfect family, perfect circle of friends, and that’s all that matters at the time. Then HE walked back into my life and fucked all that up! HE turned my life into complete bullshit.

My friends and I have headed to Starbucks to grab some coffee and just chill. Everyone was chillaxin and just havin a good time. I was busy typing away on my blackberry when HE walked in.

Meera’s eyes popped out of their sockets and her jaw dropped down to the floor. “oh my god u guys, check out that dude that just walked in.”

All of them turned their heads to look at him, while I was in a world of my own. They’re always like this when it comes to guys, especially hotties, so I didn’t really care about what was happening at the moment or who they were ogling.
“mashallah 3alaih!” “5saraa kel hal jamal and he’s with those blonde bimbos.” “Look at that ditz kaif gab’6tnah!”

“Shammooh! Just look at him!” “Just a quick look, la yfootch” “Chofeeh .. bas na’6ra w7da!” “Just ONE look! You won’t regret it trust me”, they kept going on and on while I was too occupied with my phone.

He was moving closer to where we were seated meaning we could get a better glimpse of him. Meera was still going gaga over him, “Yee shu hal jamal hayda msh ma32ooool”, when all of a sudden her mouth shaped into perfect ‘O’, she covered her mouth with her hand, *gasps* “laykoon this is…!?!”

I still wasn’t aware of what was going on around me, so I looked up from my phone and turned to face her, “Shu esalfah? What’s going on?” I asked carelessly then turned back to my phone once again.

She pointed her finger at something behind me, “Look! over there!” I lifted my head and looked around, but there’s no one behind me. I turned back to her confused, “where? There’s nothing there that would make you wana gasp and go all ‘OMG’!”

“Not here..”, she pointed again but to a different area, “there”

I turned my head to look once more and I wish I didn’t. I just froze .. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There he was .. there was Khalifa, standing right before my eyes, with his arm practically embracing some bimbo’s waist. I was gona shift my gaze not wanting him to see my face, unfortunately it didn't work just as I had thought. I could sense that he stiffened and his eyes widened as soon as he saw me. He let his lips linger on her skin for a few seconds as he kissed her cheek while she was hanging onto him like some lovesick puppy. I quickly shook my head and our gaze broke. His eyes were locked on mine, my eyes were fixed elsewhere. Was it all a lie? Am I not a drug that he can’t stay away from 3ala goltah? Didn’t he mean everything he said to me?

I tilted my head slightly so that I could look at him out of the corner of my eye once more, he met my gaze and I could see the guilt wash over him. I held back my tears and walked away. I didn’t want to look at him, I didn’t want to look at anyone, I just wanted to disappear …

Khalifa’s P.O.V

I walked through the door of Starbucks with a ridiculous grin on my face, and a bunch of girls attached to my hip. As soon as I stepped into the place, every single head turned to look at me. This isn’t something new to me, I mean it happens all the time, I’m used to it by now. People gawk at me everywhere I go, and girls practically follow me around like paparazzi.

I walked to the counter with certain confidence and arrogance. While I was waiting for my order, I put out my arm to encircle one of the girls’ slender waist while she wrapped her own arms around me and rested her hands on my back.

You know how sometimes you can feel someone watching you .. well I had a feeling like someone was watching me. The feeling of eyes on me was unmistakable, I swear I could feel someone’s gaze burning right through me. I turned to see who it was, right there I saw the two most beautiful eyes, it was her. She was so stunning that she could take anyone's breath away by just a single glance.

I can see that she didn’t want me to see her, but she was too late. We both froze, our eyes locked. Not a word was spoken between us. I felt a rush of fury deep inside me as I remembered how she left, so I tightened my grip around the girl’s waist, and touched my lips lightly to the soft skin of her cheek without taking my eyes off of HER. I let my lips linger on her skin for a few seconds before breaking it. She looked away from me breaking the gaze clearly hiding a pained expression, while my eyes were still locked on hers. Why the pained expression, I thought. She clearly stated that she doesn’t feel anything for me, or does she?

She turned to look at me one last time then walked away, away from me, away from all of this. Unwanted guilt washed over me .. the regret of hurting her was stabbing me like no knife could .. I wanted to go to her, to hold her gently. I have never done anything to hurt her before. Had I chosen wrong? Did I hurt Shamma by doing this? I sighed softly. Even if I had been wrong, it was too late to take back the pain, the pain that I’ve just caused her ..


M;* said...

I LOOVE ur story <3

waiting 4 ur next ;**

R.Sparkling said...

Waw!!!!! Can't wait for the next part<333!! AMAZING!!!!!!!


love drunk said...

Amazingggggg story i so am in <3 with it
cant wait till the the nxttt post
love drunk

Spring Of Truth said...

i just cam across ur blog 2day
and its AMAZING :D :D
5leeefa is soooo hot !!! <3 <3
cant wait for the other post ;)

Rawan said...

i really like your story....keep it up:P

SuziQ said...

i luv i luv yaa goW intii

R.Sparkling said...

Waiting for the next post <3!!



- Snugemz. said...

Heart Breaking
Like the others, cant wait for your next post :D
i just want to get one thing,
is it like um the whole *living the american dream* bas in UAE? Or?
the only thing thats confusing me is the setting w like are they 3ady (open minded) about dating w cheh? wela?! :P

That Perfect Someone said...

thanks alot all, im really glad u liked it ;*

Snugemz: yea i guess u could say that =p i mean it's not like they're SO open-minded bas they're not close minded either ..
a9lan all of this could actually happen in the UAE, like the dating n all, it's not something huge, plus everything's possible :p

Dazzling~Life* said...

omg ba9eee7 ;(
yalla 12 to goo

up till now am lovin the story !!!!!

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