Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Karma's a Bitch* #2

Shamma’s P.O.V

After that day .. the day that Khalifa confessed his love to me, I decided that I can’t be in the same place as him. I knew that things would be awkward between us .. bigtime! That’s because even though I mentioned that Khalifa was a player, he never really treated me the same way he treated those other girls he hooked up with. He was very protective of me and ma kan y’r6a 3alayah when 7ad y’3la6 3alay or sumthin no matter what. He would never let anyone piss me off or try to bully me. But he’s still a stereotypical bad boy, and does all the usual bad boy things.

That was when I knew I had to get away ..

If I had stayed and got together with him, I could have been just another bee in the hive since he would think that I was just like any other girl. He might have bossed me around and treated me like shit after him and I had gotten together. I mean, that's how he ususally treats his "girls". When he told me he loved me, maybe he didn't actually mean it, maybe he thought that this is love. He could've just said so we'd be together. I know how it feels to be head over heels for someone, but you have to weigh the pros and cons of dating a "bad boy" before going for it.

Therefore, I decided that it’s better for me to take my mind off all of this and join my brothers in the U.S. I was 16 at the time meaning I had a year left of school. I decided to continue my studies abroad as well as begin my university years over there.


I was walking down to kitchen one night when I heard my mum and dad talking with my brothers, M6ar and 7amdan. I moved closer and pressed my ear against the door.

M6ar: “Bas umaya n7n sayren ndrs mb sayren 7ag l3ban w hal 5rabe6.”

7amdan: “Haih umaya 9a7 kalam M6ar, w a9lan bas 2 or 3 years w banrja3 el blad.”

Mum: “Ya3ne lazem el wa7ed ysafer bara3 3shan ykamel drasta? 3ndkm mlyon jam3a fel blad!”

Fate seems to be on my side, I thought. The voice in my head kept telling me, this is it Shamma .. this is what you wanted, to get away .. don’t let this chance slip away.

7amdan: “Bas umaya hnak a7la el ajwa2. Ajwa2 Amreeka! T3arfeen shu y3ne!? Ensawi eli nbah mta ma nba w kel shay 3ala kaifna. w el banat! Y5rab bait el banat eli hnak, enti bas lo tchofenhum! 6arr! 6aaarrr! Kel w7da a7la 3an el thanya, uff 3athaab...”

Mum: “7amdano yal sbal shu yales tgool! 6arr w ma 6arr! laa w jdam umah ba3ad, shu matst7e enta!”

M6ar: “Ehee 7amdan chub enta wela bayeek kaf a7een!”
He whispered to his brother, “yal 7mar la teels tgool hal kalam jdamha wela wala bat6b America!”

M6ar: “Umaya ma 3alaich mnah hal ahbal ymza7 wyach. El mhm hnak a7san 3sb el sh’hadat w ban7a9el sh’3l a7san w che t3arfen.”

Mum *sighs*: “5la9 braykum sawo eli tbonah. Ubokum 3ndkm, el shoor 3ndah hoh.”

7amdan: “A9lan uboya ma 3ndah mane3, bas kan ybana nkalmech enti w na5eth mwafa8tech awal.”

I pushed the door open, entered the office and screamed at the top of my lungs, “Maaamaaa ana ba3ad aba aseeer wyahum!”

Mum: “Balach t9ar5eeen! Wain tbain tsereen enti el thanya ba3ad?!”

Me: “Mama plz allah y5alech 5aleeni aseer adrs bara3 wyahum.”

Mum: “Grri mkanch a7sanlch! Shu el 6ari klkm tbon tsafroon?!”

Me: “Yala 3ad mama 5aleeni aseer. Mthl ma gal ma6oor 3an el shahadat eli hnak w el sh’3l eli ngdar n7a9lah ba3dain.”

Mum: “Shu hal jeel hatha! N7n ma kna che yom kna f 3mrkm. Baseer argd abrakli mn mjabal wyohkm! May59ne feekum, 3ndch uboch w seeri tfahmay wyah, yallah t9b7on 3ala 5air.”
She stormed out of the room and went upstairs.

I went to my dad, sat right next to him on the couch and gave him my puppy-dog eyes since I knew he couldn’t resist. He treated me just like a princess since I'm his only 'little girl' and abdn ma yrdli 6alab.
Me: “Baba mmkn aseer wyahm? w gabel matgool shay, trane sayra 3shan el drasa mb ay sbab thani.”

Dad: “T3arfeen eni magdar agool la2 yom tsaween hal wayh hatha. Bas hal marrah ra7 agool la2 lanch bnt w ma ystwe el bnt tsafer ro7ha fel 3mr hatha, w e5wanch bel zoor r’6aina enhm yseroon.”

I started whining cuz i really wanted to go, “Bas baba laish?! Plzz wallah basawe eli tbonah bas 5alone aseer, w ana mb broo7i, 3nde ma6oor w 7amdan wyay. Baba yallah 3ad allah y5aleek.”

Dad: “7abeebti ma ystwe. Enti bnaya, shu baygolon el nass? Mhayteen bntkm ro7ha hnak w madre shu .. tr’6ain 3ala 3mrch enti?”

Me: “La ma7ad baygool shay etha ydron enah ana wya e5wani w ana mb sayra a9ee3 hnak, sayra adrs. Ha my only reason.”

M6ar: “Uboya ma3alaih 5alha and w 7amdan bn76ha fe 3yoonah w msta7eel shay ystwebha hnak damna mawjoden.”

Me: “Sma3t baba? A7een 3ade aseer? Plzz plz plz!” I pouted and innocently batted my eyelashes.

Dad: *sighs* “5ala9 seeri baba dam e5wanch ma3ach.”

I started jumping up and down, then went to kiss my dad on his head.
Me: “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wallah babaye’6 el wayh, you won’t regret it!”

I was ecstatic! No words could describe the way I was feeling right then. I was over the moon. Can you blame me?! I was gona live in the U.S! On my own! Well my brothers are with me, but whatever, there aren’t any parents! Can things get any better?!

End of flashback

And now I was finally heading back to Abu Dhabi, back to my hometown, back to where it all happened. I’m 19 now, meaning 3 years had passed since it all started. 3 years since I have seen Khalifa. I had just finished my 2nd year of university and decided to head back home with my best friend, Meera.

‘Fireflies’ by Owl City was blasting on my iPod when the captain announced that we were about to land.

“This is the captain speaking. As we have commenced our final descent to Dubai’s airport, would you kindly return to your seat and fasten your seat belts until the airplane has come to a stop and the captain has switched off the seat-belt signs. Thank you.”

After we got off the plane, checked in and all that, we headed to the car to start our journey to Abu Dhabi. The black G-class drove smoothly down the street. Meera and I were looking out the window as we passed by the beach with its soft beige sand and turquoise water. Kids running with kites, teenage boys showing off on their surfboards for their girlfriends, girls tanning in their bikinis, and others sipping drinks and gossiping. I smiled as I watched all of this through my Chanel aviators.

At that moment, I was glad to be back home, well for now at least ..


R.Sparkling said...

Nice :D .. waiting for the next part =)


SuziQ said...

ayyy luuv itt XD waitin fo yo nxt post!!!

- Snugemz. said...

i am so confused!
the last paragraph!

'Meera and I were looking out the window as we passed by the beach with its soft beige sand and turquoise water. Kids running with kites, teenage boys showing off on their surfboards for their girlfriends, girls tanning in their bikinis, and others sipping drinks and gossiping.'

this is in AbuDhabi?!!!!!!!

i re-read the paragraph over and over.
it doesnt make sense!!
+ there are a few spelling mistakes :P 3ady.

But still i love!! yet confused!

That Perfect Someone said...

Snugemz: no this part is in dubai, why doesn't it make sense? i've actually seen all of this in dxb, well except the surfing part maybe :p
ya5e its all fiction so i know most stuff wont make sense, like the settings n all =p
and where are the spelling mistakes? i checked and didn't find any :p
glad u like it anyways :D

- Snugemz. said...

Ohh :P
*blonde moment*
Umm in your other posts shay spelling mistakes bas whatever :P
i just wanted to poin it out
i love it actually! :D

That Perfect Someone said...

yea whatever :p
and thaaanks <3 :D!

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