Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final Goodbye*

just a one-shot story ..


A pale hand traced over the door, dreading to enter the room that held his love. Taking a deep breath, he reluctantly opened the door. Stepping in his breath caught in his throat, even after all these years, his love still captivated him. He saw his one and only, lying on the bed, even though her skin was paler than before, he still thought she looked amazing.

He slowly made his way towards the bed, not wanting to disturb her. Sitting down, his eyes raked over her body, taking in her figure, every curve, every feature and engraving it in his memory. Taking a hold of the still hand on the bed, he couldn’t help but let his mind wander back to the day that shattered his perfect life.

Hamad had walked into Dana’s art gallery, looking to the side he saw her with her head in her hands.

“Shamsa, Dana what’s going on?”

Shamsa looked up at her best friend’s boyfriend and sighed, her eyes filled with pain, “7amad, I think you should sit down.”

Hamad heard Dana’s silent sobs, and in one swift movement he was kneeling in front of his love, “baby, shu feech? what’s wrong?”

Dana looked up with tear stained cheeks, her eyes went from Hamad to Shamsa then back to Hamad.

Hamad looked over at Shamsa, who stood up and placed her hand on his shoulder. After a few minutes, he stood stiff, he couldn’t believe what Shamsa had just told him.

“No this can’t be, Dana you’re perfect, there must be some sort of mistake...” Hamad sat down looking over at Dana, he quickly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

“I’m sorry, 7amad. We’ve ran so many tests and the results are all the same. Now, it seems that her body has given up, and unfortunately, ma ngdar ensawi shay, it’s too late for any treatment.”

Hamad heard a sob from the warm body that was clinging to his shirt. “Don’t worry Dana, we’ll find a way”, he said kissing his lover’s forehead.

“No 7amad, you heard what Shamsa said.”

“I refuse to believe that. I’m not letting you go”, Hamad cupped Dana’s cheek in his hand.

Dana closed her eyes at the touch. “7amad, I…”

“Maybe we could travel somewhere and…”

Dana shook her head, “no, it won’t work, it just won’t work.”

“Please, I can’t lose you. You’re everything to me.”

“7amad plz, I don’t wana fight this. I’ve come to terms with it”, Dana sobbed into Hamad’s chest. “Just keep loving me.”

He nodded, running his hand through her hair, “always”

End of Flashback

The faint sound of sheets shuffling, brought him back to reality. Looking over he was greeted by the sight of a small smile on his lover’s lips.

“Hey”, Dana whispered softly, looking at Hamad.

“Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

She smiled slightly at his concern, “la you didn’t, I just pretended to be, so the nurse wouldn’t bother me.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle; that was his girl, always finding ways to get out of things. A frown quickly formed on his lips, remembering why he was here. He felt Dana slightly tug his hand.

“7amad, please don’t”, she pleaded knowing where his mind wandered to.

He felt anger boil in him. He pulled his hand away from her and began to pace, “Dana, I can’t. How do you expect me to let this happen? I’ve seen you get worse and it’s killing me! wallah it's just killing me”, he sighed retaking his seat next to her bed.

“7amad plz, 5ala9 I’ve learnt to accept this, plz ...”

“Why don’t you let me take you somewhere where you might get better treatment…” he pleaded grabbing a hold of her hand once again.

“No 7amad, you heard the doctors, they said that there’s no way for me to get better, 5ala9 it’s over”, she put her hand over his, “if there was a way, you know I would do it.”

“Please”, he begged, placing his forehead against hers, “I can’t lose you, Dana.”

Looking up, he could see the tears form in those chocolate-brown eyes that stole his heart. Sitting on the bed next to her, he brought his hand up and cradled her cheek, “you’re my life Dana, you’re my only reason to live.”

Dana stared into the dark-colored eyes of Hamad, the eyes she had spent so many years with. “As you are mine. Baby, there’s nothing we can do. I’ve come to accept that”, she said as the tears fell from her eyes.

“But I can’t, I can’t live without you”, Hamad said his voice full of sorrow and heartache, his eyes full of tears, “it’s too soon, we promised each other forever.”

Dana sighed, she knew he would have a hard time, but she wanted him to realize that it was time, and that one day he’d be okay, “I know we did, but this is my fate 7amad, plz don’t be sad”, she said as she pressed her hand against his cheek.

“How can I not, when you’re going to be taken away from me?” he said closing his eyes wanting to memorize the feel of her warm hand on his cheek. “It’s too soon”, he repeated, bringing his forehead to rest against Dana’s once more.

Dana swallowed the lump in her throat, “it might be, but just remember that I’ll always love you and I’ll be with you no matter what. Just remember the times we had, and how hard we fought for our love. I do not regret any of it. We have shared more love than anyone in this world and no one can take that away from us”, she whispered to him.

Hamad nodded, not trusting his voice, and kissed her cheek softly. He hated times like these, he wished he could have some sort of way to release the pain he felt in his heart.

“Promise me that you’ll go on and live for me”, she whispered as he broke the kiss.

Hamad began to shake his head, “I can’t promise you that, but I will promise that I’ll live as long as I can; as long as I can bear without you, which won’t be long.”

She sighed, “now plz, no more tears. Just stay here with me, hold me in your arms for one last time.”

Hamad nodded as he slowly wrapped his arms around Dana’s thin frame and cradled her to his chest, never wanting to let go.

“a7bk 7amad Al X, always and forever”, she whispered once they were settled.

“a7bch Dana Al X, for eternity”, he whispered and kissed her forehead.

As the sun began to set, Hamad held Dana to him, sitting in a comfortable silence. Nothing mattered to them right now, just the two of them and their time together, however long they had, both remembering their life together. He ran his hand through her soft hazel locks, kissing her forehead and cheek every so often. Soon her breathing slowed and she was fast asleep.

Throughout the night, Hamad held her in his arms. He could feel his lover begin to slip away, he cradled her closer to him not wanting to let go, trying to save any piece he could, every memory. Before sunrise, he knew there was nothing he could do, her heart had stopped. His love, his soul mate, his everything was gone, taken away from him. Cancer had taken the only thing that kept him alive, and now as he held his lover’s lifeless body to him, all he could do was be grateful for having one final goodbye.


- Snugemz. said...

im in tears !!
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R.Sparkling said...

Awwww 7aram !! T_T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
</3333333! ;_________;!

-R.Sparkling ;__;!

Zain said...

Mashallah very well written you have given it an edge of reality that i was being pulled closer and closer to the laptop as i read more..

you have got a talent and well done in sharing it with us :)

i loved it to the last bit..even though its sad :(

identity said...

just read ur story and im in love with it!
just read this one post story and im in love with it! let just say im in love with ur blog im LOVING IT! amazing mashallah!

R.Sparkling said...

Waiting for your next post ;[!

Anonymous said...

that was heartbreaking
it made me wana cry because of its beauty and its sadness
honestly, i loved it! :*

Anonymous said...

I'm crying so hard right now,I rembered someone<|3

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