Monday, December 14, 2009

Karma's a Bitch* #1

Shamma’s P.O.V

I snapped my compact mirror shut, crossed my legs and sighed. I looked out the window taking in Beverly Hills and started fidgeting with my hands. I knew that a lot would change since I move back home. I mean come on, can you blame me?! I’ve basically lived in the States for the past few years and I’ve left a lot behind me in Abu Dhabi. I left that one person whom I’d die for in a blink of an eye. He told me that he’s head over heels in love with me and what did I do? I practically shattered his heart into pieces and ran away as soon as I got the chance! What the hell would happen when I see him? How am I supposed to react? Most importantly, what is he going to do as soon as he realizes I’m back for good?

Meera, my BFF, noticed that I was freaking out and started to comfort me. She knew that Khalifa "claimed" he was into me and she also knew how I felt about him. Even though I was actually so into him too, I just couldn’t let him know that. I had the hugest crush ever on him, but he was your typical bad boy, a flirt, a player, and I just didn’t want to play the broken-hearted girl.

“Ufff shammoh radainah! Gtlch everything’s gonna turn out just fine. Enti bas stop worrying!”

“Meeroh wallah I can’t! A7s enah he can’t stand me. T5aylay maya36eeni wayh wala ysawele salfah when I see him! You know what happened between us. I told you all about it wela tbaini athakrch beli sawaita feeh?!”

“La ma y7tay shammani I know what happened, bas 5ala9, let’s just drop it. I bet he just put everything behind him and moved on with his life. Hay salfa w ent’hat.”

I was walking to my locker after school when my cell phone beeped indicating that I received a message. It was a relative of mine, Khalifa. I had this secret crush on him. Him and I were kinda close mn bain all our other cousins. I opened the msg and started reading it.

“Shamma mmkn armsch 3an salfah? It’s kinda important, so plz meet me 3nd my car as soon as you see this.”

I got this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought that something bad might have happened since Khalifa wasn’t in school that day, so I went outside to the parking lot as fast I can. When I got there, 5leefa was leaning against his orange Lamborghini with his arms crossed looking SO DAMN HOT! He’s the type of guy who makes heads turn as soon as he steps into a place. I just stood there staring at him from a distance. I was so mesmerized, I couldn’t look away.

I bet you’re all wondering what 5leefa looks like. Well, he’s got this really hot tan, he’s tall, has dark messy hair and the most gorgeous smile that would make any girl melt.
His body is perfect since he's well built, not overly muscular as some bodybuilders are, but just enough to give him that handsome physique. He has broad shoulders, well-defined muscles, a sculpted back and a slight six pack.
He has a long syoofi nose, defined cheekbones, this sexy scar on his left eyebrow, a slight dimple on his right cheek, pink pouty lips with a small beauty mark next to them and his eyes are a light shade of brown which have this spark in them as well as long thick lashes. *sigh* he’s every girl’s dream.

He had his aviator shades on and was wearing a white kandora as well as a cap. He had that whole bad boy thing going on. I started walking closer to him, but he didn’t seem to notice my presence. He seemed to be lost in deep thoughts.

I waved my hands in front of his eyes, “Hello, earth calling!”

He looked my way, smiled slightly and took off his shades. I looked straight into his eyes. Daamn! Those gorgeous eyes! I shook my head. Snap out of it Shamma!

“Ohh shamma you’re here. Mta yaity? Sorry knt sar7an I didn’t realize you were here already.”

“La 5aloof 3ade. El mhm shu esalfah? 3an shu knt tba trmsne?”

“Shu mashay 5aloof sh7alk, shu mswe? People say hi you know, I mean I haven’t seen you all day.”

I giggled and said, “sorry wala tz3al, how r u? shu mswe? how’s life?”

He smirked showing his perfect pearly teeth, “everything’s great, what about you?”

“Good good. Yala enzain tell me, what’s up?”

He bit his lip and I can sense that he got kinda nervous.

“Ohh yea that. Umm, 3ade we go somewhere private and talk? Cuz well, u know, it’s kinda important I told ya.”

“Yeah sure come on, we’ll just sit on the benches close by the basketball court. No one’s there right now.”

We walked silently over there. I took a glance at 5leefa, he was kinda distracted by something. I wonder what he could possibly be thinking of. As soon as we got to the benches, I noticed 5leefa fidgeting with his cell phone.

“5leefa yallah tell me shu mstwe? I’m startin to freak out.”

“la wala shay, el safah w mafeha enah I’m about to tell you something huge so just listen and don’t interrupt lain ma a5ale9 kalamy. When I’m done, you can do eli tbainah. Ok well here it goes, umm, shit I never thought it’d be this hard. God, I’ll just spit it out bdon laf w dawaran. Shamma I think I’m falling for you, and I’m fallin real hard. Wala marrah 7asait b this feeling towards any other girl. Wallah it’s like this feeling is taking over me. You’re like a drug and I can’t stay away from you..”

I was so shocked, I mean I never really thought that this would be coming from 5leefa out of all these people. He’s a frickin player! How am I supposed to know if he’s playin around or not? God, shu asawe now?!

“5leefa what are you sayin? I honestly duno what to tell you.”

He softly reached out and grabbed my hand.

“Wait, I’m not done yet, gtlch latga63eni. Anyways, I tried to convince myself enah it’s nothing. 7awalt ag9 3a 3mre and tell myself that it’s all just in my head. Bas I couldn’t! I really tried, but this feeling just won’t leave me alone. I wasn’t gona tell you at first, I thought I’d just keep it to myself and maybe everything would go back to the way it was. But my feelings just kept growing as the days pass and I couldn’t keep it inside me any longer so I thought it’s better I tell you and let it all out. umm, the point is I love you Shamma Al X.”

I was speechless. I was actually SPEECHLESS! I tried to say something, but nothing at all is coming out of my mouth.

“Shamma? Say something plz, anything! Allah y5aleech just talk. Don’t leave me hanging. I know what you’re thinking, enah I’m a player and all bas ana mb yales ag9 3alaich. Wallah the thought of playing on you never crossed my mind. I would never do that to you. Everything I said is coming straight from my heart.”

I slowly pulled my hand away from his and stood up.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t feel the same way. I really have to go now.”

I hurried to my car and told the driver to speed away. Tears started to form in my eyes unwillingly. My head was filled with many thoughts. I never thought 5leefa had feelings for me. I thought I was like a sister to him. I never thought that he thinks of me as anything more than that. It was all just too much for me. I knew things wouldn’t be the same between us anymore. I basically left him heartbroken out there. I kinda did feel the same way about him. Why didn’t I just tell him the truth? why?! Because he has been with half the girls in the country! Because he’s the biggest player on earth, that’s why! What am I supposed to do when I see him now? I can’t face him. I had to get away, I just had to!

End of flashback


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