Sunday, December 27, 2009

Karma's a Bitch* #8

Shamma’s P.O.V

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, the door flew open and my eyes shot open in shock.

“oh you have got to be kidding me!” I grumbled, “this is great, just great.”

He just stood there before me with a smirk plastered on his face.

“huh? 5leefah?! w-what the hell are you doing here?!” I yelled.

“well, there is this little fact that I live here, ” he said sarcastically.

SLAM! the door had evidently been closed in my face.

I just stood there for a moment, eyes wide and mouth hung open in shock, unable to understand what had just happened.

Seconds later, the door swung open again getting me out of the wave of shock that ran through me.
“oh and by the way, guess you’re not even close to being miles and miles away from me,” he added quickly, his evil smirk reaching from one ear to the other as he shut the door in my face, AGAIN!

I groaned in frustration and let out a scream, stomping my foot down hard against the floor. With steam blowing out of my ears, I swiftly spun around and stormed off down the hall to my apartment.

As soon as I got there, my hands dove frantically into my pockets searching for my blackberry, more frustration pouring onto me by the second. I madly looked around the apartment and then I called out for Jane, “Jaaane, where’s my phooone?!!”

A beeping came from the couch in the living room, I quickly ran over, flicked my phone open and my fingers frantically dialed my brother's number. I pressed call and waited. It rang and rang and rang …
Please please, pick up!

Me: 7amdaaan!! enta waain bl’6ab6?!
Hamdan: balach t9ar5een? shu 5aloof didn’t tell you?
Me: tell me what? enzain answer me, where are you now?!
Hamdan: i heard you before! There's no need to shout!
Me: uff 7amdanoh answer me w fkny!
Hamdan: i’m at the airport?
Me: huh airport? what? why? 3ala wain enshallah?
Hamdan: i’m going to Germany for a while for this uni-related-thingy
Me: why didn’t you tell me sooner?! and what the hell is 5leefah doing here?!
Hamdan: i had no idea, I just found out today. Oh and 5aloof is there because I called him so he could keep an eye on you since I trust him .. and well, to keep you company since I know you guys are close and all, he’s there so you don’t get bored out of your mind, you know.
Me: bas 7amdan, you should know that-
Hamdan: the plane’s about to board, I need to get going, talk to you later Shammoh.

He frickin cut me off! and hung up before I could say anything!
I heard the dial tone. I closed my eyes and breathed out, slightly frustrated.
This is just fan-fucking-tastic, I thought to myself.

I stormed over to Hamdan’s apartment, well “Khalifa’s” for now I guess, trying my best not to cry or scream or break anything I would regret destroying.
I knocked calling Khalifa’s name, but of course the door didn't open then, so I started pounding on it positive that he’s in there. “5leefah open the door!” I yelled.

I just stood there for a few more minutes with him still ignoring me. I started to get more frustrated than I already was since I heard fidgeting from the other side of the door. Oh so he’s definitely ignoring me!
“5leeefah! Damn it! Open this damn door or I swear I’ll-”

Khalifa’s P.O.V

I swung the door open to reveal a very pissed off looking Shamma, frustration written all over her pretty face.
“You’ll what ha?” I asked challengingly, “what exactly are you gona do 7abeebty huh?!”

She just groaned and ran her hand through her hair. “Lain mta nawy tg3ad hne enshallah? And why aren’t you staying at your place ha?” she retorted, as she shot me a knowing look that said i-don't-want-you-here.

“How about you go ask your brother?” I smiled wickedly, loving the fact that her face was showing more frustration with every second.

A flash of fear appeared in her eyes, like she knew that this wasn’t good, but she kept her voice steady, “7amdan isn’t coming back, is he?”

“You got that right,” I smirked lazily at her.

She narrowed her eyes and raised an annoyed, questioning eyebrow at me, “What are you smirking about?!”

“Nothing, just that you’re stuck right across the hall from me cuz I ain’t going nowhere,” I replied, my smirk widening as she glared at me.

“5leefah,” she called my name softly, it sounded perfect rolling off her tongue, as a fake smile appeared on her face.

“5air?” I replied coldly.

“Can we at least just try to be civil? Since we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other lately, you know,” she said in a sickenly sweet voice. “We don't have to be best buddies and all,” she added quickly.

“Sure, I’d love for us to be friends,” I said, sarcasm dripping from my voice.
Suddenly, I threw my head back in a fit of roaring laughter, “HAHAHAHA! Now you wana be friends ha?”

Shamma stepped backward staring back at me annoyed and irritated and shot me an i’ll-kill-you look, and if looks could kill, I’d probably be out cold by now.

I smirked and leaned closer to her, so close that she could feel my breath on her skin, “hmm, no way in hell,” I whispered before I turned around, walked into my apartment and shut the door leaving her standing there flushed and frustrated like hell.

'Bingo' I smirked to myself, let’s see how you like that, Shamma.


Purple sky said...

shit!! payback is a bitch ha?
i wonder if they will end up together :P
that would be funn :P

Yooy said...

i just found your blog. and seriously, i love <3

Shushu said...

LOved it!!
so dramatic!! :P
post soon!

L said...

umbaaaaaai maleeeee8 7araam 5al idish 3al a8al , love yoooou and ur story please post soon

- Snugemz. said...

:D I KNEW IT WAS 5leefah! :P
He's such a bitch -.-
and she's a manwhore ;P
Lool excuse my french *cliche* :P

Anonymous said...

i love '7leefa <3
keep em comin


Anonymous said...

Greeeeat POST!:* loved it


Zain said...

Amazing poooooost :D:D:D

cant wait for the next part ;)

Anonymous said...

can u post soon i really wanna know what happens i loved this part soooo much


Dazzling~Life* said...

hahahaha nice one !

and now the drama starts wooho

lovin it so faaaar <3

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