Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #22

i was gone for too long, wasn't i ? =x So sooorry you guys! :*
e9ara7a i wasn't in the mood for blogger, seriously :p
el mhmmm .. i'll leave you with the post, yalla scroll doooown! =p

Saif’s P.O.V

She let out a deep sigh, pulling her arm out of my grip. “What do you suggest we do?”

I paused for a moment, even though I already knew the answer to her question.

I just hadn’t figured out the best way to inform her of it...

“Well, we...”

“We kiss. In front of everyone,” I finally managed to say.

Shamma’s eyes widened in horror. “I can’t kiss you. If I kiss you I’ll probably... La laa I just can’t!”

“She’s not dating Saif. It’s all a scam to get Khalifa.” We heard the girls insist on the other side of the bookcase. Their voice was becoming clearer and it was obvious that they were rounding the corner to enter the same corridor me and Shamma were in.

“Hey Shamma,” I murmured, scooting closer to her with a smile, “See the girls over there? Don’t look!” I motioned slightly with my chin. She nodded. “They’re coming closer. As you obviously heard, they don’t believe this thing going between us. I think we should give them a little something to accept the fact that it’s true, don’t you?”

Her eyes widened in alarm.

Damn, was being touched by me really such an unpleasant thing to her?

“Relax, it’s just for show.”

And before she could flip out or protest, I angled my body across hers and buried my face in the crook of her neck.

“See? No big deal,” I whispered into her neck. She just about leapt out of her skin.

“You’re tickling me!” she hissed.

“Hold still!”

“But it tickles when you talk!” she was squirming underneath me and trying to stifle a giggle.

“Quit wiggling! Okay, I won’t talk.”

She started to squeal, but I slid my right hand up to the base of her neck and angled her head to the side, giving me better access to her neck. I trailed my lips along the length of her neck, just barely touching her.

My intention was to just goof around, give those girls a show and maybe get a rise out of Shamma at the same time. But now that I was here, with my nose buried in her hair, her floral, pleasant scent was making me lightheaded. And her hair, what was that scent? Strawberries. It was such a simple girlish smell. I was used to women smelling like a complex mix of very expensive products. Her silly strawberry shampoo was killing me. And there was this feeling when I touched her like this, like electricity, I could feel it sing along my fingers and down my spine.

It was crazy, and intoxicating, and I didn’t want to stop.

My fingers unwillingly caressed the back of her neck and her eyes slid closed. I dragged my lips back up her neck with more pressure and I gave it one slow open mouthed kiss and let my lips linger. She drew in a long unsteady breath. My own breathing was becoming ragged.

I really should stop this.

I had only meant to fool around for a minute.

I had had no intention of starting anything.

But she wasn’t stopping me.

And it felt really good.

And I really wanted to.

I’ve wanted to touch her like this since the instant I laid eyes on her.

She softened in my arms. My left hand, that had been resting lightly on her hip, clenched into her and pulled her closer. Her hand was slipping up my back, clinging to me. I gripped her hip tighter. My lips traveled back up her glorious neck and then along her jaw. I could kiss her. I’m almost there. I’ve been staring at her mouth all day and wondering what it feels like, what it tastes like.

I pulled my face back just enough to make eye contact with her. Her hooded dark eyes met mine and then snapped open. Her spine stiffened and in one movement she’d slid herself half a foot away from me.

“Wh-what was that?” she stammered.

I held my hands up in front of me trying to look innocent. “Sorry, I got carried away. You smell really good.” I tried a flash of the dazzling smile, but she wasn’t having it. She scooted around to the other side of the bookcase in a flash.

“I have to go to the toilet.”

A high-toned squeak announced the girls’ presence and I turned around to look at the dumbstruck duo. I smiled secretly as I realized that I had achieved my goal.

I then watched Shamma as she strode across the library and into the hall. Then I watched the face of every goddamned guy in the place as they watched her cross the hallway.

They should really back off. She’s mine.

Except she’s not. And the point was, a girl like her wouldn’t be mine.

That’s why this stupid “pretend game” is laughable, really. I could probably get any girl I want, and they’d be ready, willing and eager. But Shamma…she freaks out and runs to the ladies room. So okay, maybe Ghanem was right. She was different and too good for me. Or maybe it was that I was too bad for her.

Except that... she liked it?


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