Friday, February 5, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #20

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Shamma’s P.O.V

“Ready to work on your acting skills? Cause you sure as hell are long way from an award winning performance. What was all that staring about by the way?” Saif asked.

“What staring? I don’t stare,” I said simply as I continued to rummage through my bag, before turning to leave the classroom.

“Sure you don’t,” he said sarcastically before snaking his arm around my waist.

“Hey!” I instinctively slapped his hand away from me.

“Well love, lazem tt3awdain. Our unexpected passion won’t look very believable if you keep jumping up every time I come near you, now will it?” he asked tilting his head.

I rolled my eyes and sighed, taking his hand in mine I dragged him out of the classroom and into the hall

It wasn’t hard to realize that everyone was staring.

This was just weird. Just plain weirdness.

“They’re staring. They’ll never believe this,” I said.

“9adgeeny they’ll believe it.”

“This is a stupid plan. It’ll never work,” I grunted as I turned to face Saif.

“Will you stop being so- “

I cut him off, “rbee3k is coming our way.”

“Sawaaaf! 7abeeeby 3loomk?”

“Hala hala ‘3anooom! Good good w mn 9obk?”

“Tamam wallah.”

“Doom enshallah. Shammani 7ayatii u know Sara right?”

“Haih I do, hey Saroh sh7alch?” I said as I salamt 3alaiha.

“B5air 7abeebti and you?”

“Not bad I guess.”

We stood still for a couple of seconds.

No one was saying anything.


Incredibly uncomfortable silence.

Sarah was eyeing us curiously.

“So...” Sarah was the one to break the stillness. She had been waiting the entire day to ask a question, ever since Ghanem had told her the news it had become an itch she was just dying to scratch. So being Sarah, she did, “Since when are you and Shamma here going steady?”

The familiar silence was back, until Sarah’s voice hovered over us again,

“You and Shamma are an item huh?”


“Why?” she quickly continued her questioning.

“Why?!” I asked. Now that was a smart question. Everyone who had dared to ask about my choice of ‘boyfriend’ had asked something along the lines of ‘how, not why’. “Well... he and I... we...” I struggled for an explanation.

“It’s physical!” Saif aka ‘my knight in shining armor’ stepped in. “She just couldn’t resist my attraction,” he said with the most serious tone in the world, “I think she fell for me when I saved her.”

“From being mugged?” Sarah asked as she recalled her conversation with Ghanem on the subject.


I just stood in my place, trying hard not to roll my eyes. ‘God! The nerve of some people!’ In my mind a string of curses was directed at Saif, who now had his arm wrapped around my waist.

Sarah frowned a little but decided to accept the explanation, especially since her boyfriend was currently shooting her a knowing look so that she’d stop throwing questions at us.

Suddenly, extreme silence took over as Ghanem and Sarah gawked at something behind us. Saif and I turned around to find the object of their attention and we couldn’t help but gulp as we watched Chloe and Khalifa. We exchanged electrically charged glances as we remained perfectly still for a second. We all watched as the Khalifa walked closer to us, his heavy arms draped over Chloe’s shoulders. He stopped and looked at us.

“Shamma,” he greeted dryly with a nod. Turning to look at Saif, he practically spat, “Saif.”

“5leefah. Chloe,” Saif greeted back with a plastic smile as he possessively tightened his arm around my waist.

Silence. Everyone waited and watched.

“Shamma 3nde some of your cd’s in my apartment,” Khalifa started, “when do you want them back?”

“Keep them,” I answered dryly as I felt my stomach turn at the sight of Chloe pressing herself against Khalifa’s chest. Her hands traced patterns on his abs as she shot me a dirty look. “I don’t need them.”

Khalifa was taken aback by my cold and distant tone, but soon recovered. He stood up straight and mumbled, “fine. Suit yourself.”

And with that he turned on his heels and left, dragging Chloe with him.

As soon as I could, I made my way to the nearest bathrooms, locking myself in the stall furthest from the door. I sat on the covered toilet, waiting for the adrenaline in my system to reach acceptable levels. I felt my stomach flip-flop at the memory of Chloe arrogantly clinging to Khalifa, trying as best as possible to let me know that he was now her property, that he belonged to her.

Arrogant little-

Suddenly I heard a light knock on the door.

I bent down to peep from under the door, trying hard not to ruin my outfit, hair or makeup. I found a pair of shoes tapping the tiled floor impatiently. Familiar Gucci sneakers, to be exact. In a flash, I opened the door. “What the hell are you-“

I was cut off as Saif quickly placed his finger on my lips.

“Do you want to get me into trouble?”

Before I could answer him, I was being dragged out of the bathroom, down the hall and out the side door of the building to the backside.

“Why did you drag me here?” I snapped annoyed.

He ignored me and grinned wildly at me. “Did you see Chloe’s face? And hal ahbal? God, I never thought it would work this fast.”

I scratched my head as I watched him ramble on and on about how the plan was amazing and was working perfectly.

“Pretty soon Chloe will be so jealous she won’t have a choice other than enha trdly. God, I miss her so much!”

Something about the way he said it, the sincerity in his tone maybe, made my stomach turn and I had to fight back the urge to kick him.

“Did you drag me here to listen to your pathetic love struck ramblings, Romeo?” I grumbled, crossing my hands over my chest and leaning on the wall.

“Sm3y, no matter what you say or how nasty you are right now, you are not going to ruin my good mood. I guarantee you,” he said, a goofy smile still plastered over his lips and an annoying sparkle brightening his eyes.

“She practically glued herself to 5leefah!” I said.

“Because she was jealous.”

“Men really like to fool themselves.”

“Batrdly, you’ll see.”

“She doesn’t care about you! Get it through that thick skull of yours,” I said, but he just wouldn’t hear a thing.

“I know Chloe.”

“Right. That’s why you knew she was making out with 5leefah.”

At that, the smile on his face crumbled, quickly being replaced by a strange empty look in his eyes. Without a word he turned to leave, but my small hand gripped him by his arm.

“Look, I’m sorry. Ma kan 8ad9e-“

Before I could finish my sentence, he was in my face, anger flashing in his eyes.

“You are the most self-centered, heartless, stubborn little brat I’ve ever met in my entire life.”


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3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb el poooooost i loove saaaif and hateeee 5alifaa el 7maaaaaaaaar

please post sooooooooooon
om flfola

Anonymous said...

btw im fiiirst
om flfola

love drunk said...

7araaaaaaaaaaaaam poor saif
shamma was to rude 7bait this post<3

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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! abeeehum together mabii khalefa w that bitch!!!! thnk u 4 the post;*

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Anonymous said...

Hey, im a silent Reader!
If i started telling u how amazing your story is maba5al9 =p! Awl Matnzlen Part my friends 3l bbm klhm chee AAAA KARMAS OUT W OMG LOOK WHAT HAPPENED OMG AAAA hahaha =p
Anyways, i jst wanted 2 tell u ina when we open your blog mn el bb el background ykoon kla brown and the writing ykoon bl grey and nothing, by that i mean nothing shows, shlagait w ana im trying 2 read .. all my friends opened it for a sec w closed it cz its not readable =p
u r Bookmarked f my bb! that how much i love your story =P lool !
1 more thing, 9a7 ina we're not " Showing you the loove " =p Bas i can assure you that most of my classmates r reading your story - All Too lazy 2 yfchona mn el laptop n comment, There r some blogs tgdren u comment mn el bb, try doing that with your blog =D !
Shamma, Shamsa thing, omg Hilarious! Every single time i read it i laugh my ass out!
Amazingly written, Description omg a7s iny with them in the story!
Keep up the good work =D !
MaryoOm <3 !

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helloo sexyy!
how u doin hot stuff? ;)
hahah don't mind me, i'm crazy XD
el mhmm ME LOOOVE DIS ALOT! <3
wallah 3ajeeeeba ur story, and no mb yalsa ajamel =p
i love ur writing style!
hands down u da best, ain't no competition ;)
yalaaa dont take too long :@!
cause i cant wait any longerr!
luuuv yaa loooads <3
mwaaaah :*


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Amazing <3
Cant Wait Till The Next Post :D
LOve Yaaa Looaadss!!


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<3edddd the posst!! let shamma and saif be together pleaaaaaasssee!!

oo i just wanted to tell u enna elcomments maybaynoon ;/


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Heyyyy !! Me & Mi Fwends r Silent Readers Too !! All Mi Fwends Follow Ur Stowwy ~~~ Please Post Bser3aaaaa !! <3

Luv Luv Luv Luv Luv it !!
Let The "Love Magic" Begin !!! xD !!

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im 7aaail addicted!!
saif zooouqa <3
amazingly written, u're one of the best bloggers :D
i love where this is going
keep it up 7uby :*

-duchi ;*

Dazzling~Life* said...


thats harsh

shamma is too rude i have to say

7laailah saif he really believes he'll get her back...

anyways love

amazing post as always
waiting gorgeous..

Anonymous said...

i've been reading your story mn a few days and i just managed to finish it all =D
and i've gota say it's just awesome wallah!
i have to agree with dazzy on this one..
shamma can be rude at times
bas i kinda like that about her, she reminds me of myself =$ LOOL :p
i mean come on y3ne a girl's gota have attitude, doesn't she? ;)
7abaaaait the post kteeeer ya 2albii ;**
e9ara7a you're a great writer mashallah 3alaich!
i swear enah most the people i know are all addicted to your blog mn el 5a6er! <333
we get all excited when tnazleen a new part and wallah mat3arfeen kaif we're mt5ableen 3ala saif and 5leefa! ya waaaaily <33333


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Madliar said...

3jeeeb kamlayy il story :D
bs when is this khaleefa gonna realize all this drama happening to get his attention !! ;\


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i cant get enough of this (L) !!

-from ksa-

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i love this blog wayeddd <3
you have no idea how i hate reading, bss iam in love with this blog,
please try to post soon
and one more thing; i love the description in the posts! Amazingly well written <3

xx Mariam Al S

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