Sunday, January 24, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #17

yo silent readers out there how about you make some noooiise ? =p

Shamma’s P.O.V

Angry footsteps echoed through the entire apartment as I made my way back to the living room.

“Oh god not again! Will you stop doing that?!” I growled as I saw Saif sprawled on my couch, TV remote in his hands as he mindlessly flipped through the channels.

“Doing what?” Saif asked without looking at her.

“Msh chaneh I kept you out? Why don’t you go over to your place? It’s my TV, my living room, my apartment. What are you doing in it?!” I glared at him as I stood there, arms folded over my chest.

Saif turned his head and glanced at me before returning his attention back to the screen. “Ya5e kaife,” he mumbled, “enti shu 7arenech?”

I stomped my way to the middle of the living room standing between him and the TV.

“You’re blocking the view love,” he grumbled looking up at me.

“Glad you noticed, that’s the point. What are you doing here?”

Saif sat up and turned off the TV, “talk about tomorrow.”

“What about tomorrow? Saif wake up. It’s over! It didn’t work,” I tried to knock some sense into him.

“Shu ba3ad it didn’t work? Of course it did,” he said.

“What reality were you in? Cause in mine people were staring at us like we were crazy or something. Everyone knows we hate each other. It’ll never work,” I said firmly.

“It’s going to work,” Saif insisted standing up.

“Ok which part exactly didn’t you get? Cause Bared ashra7 again and again if you need me to.”

“I need to make this work Shams-“

“IT’S SHAMMA!” I screamed waving my hands in the air and trudging my way into the kitchen, leaving him behind.

A few seconds later, he was in front of me leaning against the fridge. “umm .. I’m sorry?” he mumbled.

I just stood there, a warm mug of hot chocolate in my hands, watching him with an annoyed expression.

“I need for this to work...” he started after swallowing hard, “I-I need her back. I need Chloe with me or...” The words seemed to choke in his throat.

Somewhere deep inside, I felt a hint of pity for him but before I could stop myself, harsh words escaped my lips. “Seer 9ee7 ba3ad, why don’t you?”

Saif froze looking down at me. He narrowed his eyes, instant anger flashing in them. Without a word, he turned on his heels left the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

I just stood there for a second, a pang of regret causing me to think about going after him.

Shit I forgot. My wisdom says never hurt a man's ego. Men survive on their ego. To hurt their ego is like pulling the plug on their life support system. Bas whatever, it’s not like I really care about hurting Saif’s ego, right?

But eventually that pang of regret disappeared and I just left him be. The day passed by wala chanah shay 9ar and all was good.


The next day while I was at uni, I let my head fall limply to the desk, while in the background the teacher’s voice rambled on and on about the importance of engineering education to the world’s continued success and bla bla...

“God! Just kill me now and end my suffering,” I mumbled between clenched teeth.

As if someone had answered my prayer, the teacher announced that the class was over. In a flash, I straightened up looking wide eyed at my watch. “It’s a miracle!” I sang out as I gathered by stuff, “I survived! Fakkah! Thank God today’s over.”

“You really do hate this class, don’t you?” Meera laughed.

“More than anything in the entire world,” I answered as we walked out of the classroom. I came to a stop as I saw the infamous Saif further down the hall, “Correction, it’s the second thing I hate most in the world.”

“So we’re back to hating Saif?” she asked.

“What?” I asked as I was too engrossed in my blackberry, not really listening to what Meera was saying.

“Hating Saif. Back on the priority list?”

“Oh top priority! No doubt!” I nodded forcefully.

“Good, cause that little episode in the food court area yesterday just seemed so .. what’s the word? Oh yeah, wrong!”

I smiled slightly at her and just as I was about to reply back, the conversation going on a few feet away from us caught my attention.

“Come on just for a second. I need to talk to you,” Saif’s begging tone made my stomach crunch up as I turned around to see him leaning against the wall, “Please just for a sec,” he practically begged while Chloe remained still, arms crossed over her chest, staring annoyed into nothingness.

“Are you done yet? I told you Saif, it’s over! I have nothing to say or hear from you. Stop being so pathetic, just go get a proper life and let go of this,” she said turning on her heels to leave while everyone in the hall eyed the couple. But he didn’t care. He needed to talk to her, get some sense into that pretty little head of hers, so he grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.

“Come on!” he growled, “just...”

“Just let go of me!” Chloe said freeing her arm from his grip, “I-“

“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you.”

The entire hall froze in place watching as I moved closer to Saif, touched my fingers to my lips then placed them on his lips, letting them linger there for a moment. I turned to Chloe with a smirk on my face, “hey Chloe!”

Chloe just looked at me with a frown, while Saif simply stared at me not knowing what the hell has got in to me.

OMG! Seriously, what has gotten into me?!

“Well we better go,” I said practically dragging a dumbstruck Saif by his hand. “Bye Chloe,” I shouted with a huge fake smile plastered on my face. I passed by Meera and she was giving me a look that screamed ‘what-on-earth-are-you-doing?’ “Meeroh don’t kill me,” I whispered, “bat9lbch later wallah.”

Meera was just gawking at us, the 'odd couple', her jaw glued to the floor along with everyone else’s while I was just lost in deep thoughts...

Where did I get the guts? What did I just do?

Most importantly, why does Saif want Chloe back so bad?

It’s like his want for her had become like a need more and more everyday as she disappeared from his sight.

Does he really love her that much? Are they truly madly deeply in love? Or fe shay thany wara kel ha?

There has to be something else.

Something else going on there, behind the scenes...


Yooy said...

i simply heart this.
seriously your amazing <3!

Anonymous said...

yaaaaay u posted!! :D
i second yooy! you're amazingggg! <33
lat6awleeen 3alainah please ya3ne
we can't wait any longer
luv u :**

Anonymous said...

LUV ur story !!!
plz lat6awleen ;p


Anonymous said...

i'm a silent reader but i promise to comment if you keep ur posts coming =p
Waiting for some serious action!

Anonymous said...

(i'm making some noise just for u;*)
il post eyaneen ... and LOL!! mn wain jaat kel hal jor2aa? walaah 7arakat! plz plz post soon like soon soon ( for the noise:$)

Tutti* said...


ma 3alaich amr sweets bs momken u post soon? la 6awleen

Anonymous said...

Im a silent reader too hehe
a long post for the holiday please ?? (A)

Charmbracelet said...

Walla shamsa 6l3t shgardya !=p

Dazzling~Life* said...
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R.Sparkling said...

EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC @__________________@!

Yalla Cant wait for ur next post :D @______@ Make it faaaaaaaaaast <3


licious;*** said...

I'm loving this story more and more...

I heart Saif and i hope he falls for shamma...

madree what he sees in chloe a7is she's just a pain ;(

can't wait for ur next post...:D
oo la6awleen 3alaina ;P

Anonymous said...

im a silent reader as well! :p
and babe i gota say e9ara7a ur awesome!!!
wallah im hooked, addicted, u name it!
keep em comin and as they all said, la6awleeen! :p
looove uuu :**


Dazzling~Life* said...
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Anonymous said...

b7ebaaaaak ana kteeeeer! ehdaaa2 to el 7ub sawaf <333 hahaha =p
a7bbbbbaah wallah!
and dont worry a7bbbbch too :*! :p
3ajeeeeb the post and el story bkbrha 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebaaa !!


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