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Karma's a Bitch* #16

Sorry for the delay. I've got no reason, except that i didn't feel like writing at all this past week :p

P.S. i suggest you read this if u haven't yet! =p
-Khalifa told Shamma how he felt about her when they were 16 and now they’re 19 ,, and don’t be surprised if his actions say otherwise because he is a player che wela che and you know how it is
-A lot of time has passed so they’re not gona keep pining helplessly over each other all the time
-Shamma went to study abroad for 3 years after Khalifa told her how he felt and then when she came back, she was actually planning on staying in Abu Dhabi for good instead of going back to the U.S
-When she got a call from her bro asking her if she wanted to visit, she went to the States thinking she was staying there for a while but suddenly had a change of plans and decided to just stay there and not go back to Abu Dhabi
-Saif and Shamma truly hate each other ,, this ‘thing’ going on between them is just lust ,, she’s a girl, he’s a guy, a forceful yearning might stir inside them and something is bound to happen sooner or later
-Shamma never actually said she ‘loves’ Khalifa, she just really likes/liked him so don’t be surprised if her actions say otherwise too
-Saif honestly wants his ex back and is trying to make her jealous ,, so this isn’t just a way to get closer to Shamma

hope this cleared things up somehow ,, anyways enjoy <3
Shamma’s P.O.V

Meera mindlessly ran her hand through her hair as she sipped her coffee, her eyes scanning the food court area. Suddenly, they widened as she saw a certain guy heading their way and eventually sitting next to me.

“Hey!” he smirked as he put his arm around my shoulder as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Everyone in that place froze. They literally froze!

“uhh hey?” one of my friends calmly replied.

I freaked out once I noticed the questioning looks and daggers Meera and Ashley were shooting at me.

I shook his arm, pulling myself away from him, “hey Saif,” I squeaked in a low voice, my eyes never turning away from the mug of hot chocolate. It wasn’t a very pretty sight, but at least it kept me safe from the hundreds of eyes that fell upon me.

“So...” Saif tried to start up a conversation, but it seemed impossible considering the stunned state everyone was in. The girls at the table seemed to be drooling over him. Who wouldn’t?

“I’m Saif,” he said, flashing his million-dollar smile.

“y-yeah we know,” Ashley simply said as she was probably still too busy fantasizing about him.

The silence at the table seemed to fade away by the low whispering that now filled the entire place.

“Shu yaybnk hne?” Meera finally managed to snap out of her daze.

“uhh he- well we- he’s just-” I said nervously not knowing what to do or say.

“Just felt like sitting with the damsel in distress here,” Saif said as he leaned back in his chair and smirked.

“Damsel in distress?”

“Yup. Shamsa-“ Saif winced as I kicked him under the table. “umm Shamma, here was being mugged on her way home and I happened to be passing by and was her knight in shining armor.”

I was being mugged?! I thought we agreed to something that is more realistic!

“You saved Shamma from being robbed?” Ashley asked sarcastically.

“Yeah that’s pretty much it. Beat him up real good. And he wasn’t small either. Big, muscular, six feet and a half. Huge, giant- Ouch!” he winced as I once again aimed my 4-inch heels to his leg.

Allah y5s bleesah, oh my god shu yales y5rb6 ha?!

“What the hell?" i mumbled under my breath. "He’s exaggerating!” I said quickly giving them a wide, plastic smile.

“No, I’m not. He was huge and he had a gun-”

“No, he didn’t!” I cut him off shooting fireballs from my brown eyes.

“Yes, he did. You just didn’t see it,” Saif insisted.

“No, he didn’t.”

“Yes, he did.”

“No, he –“

“Someone please stop them,” Ashley pleaded banging her head on the table.

“I-I think that the important thing is that you’re safe and nothing bad happened,” Ashley said flashing me a fake smile. That smile that says 'i’m not buying any of this crap, ya know.”

Saif and I eyed each other in disgust, eventually returning out attention elsewhere. There was silence for a long moment.

Not comfortable silence, more like the 'what-the-hell-is-going-on’ silence.

We just sat there in silence for what feels like an eternity.

“Well, we better go,” I suddenly broke the silence and stood up as the stillness finally got to me.

“Yeah. Classes and all,” Meera quickly said following me and leaving the rest of them to just stare at each other.


“What were you thinking?” I shrieked as I stomped quickly down the road.

“I was just doing what you told me to,” Saif defended himself as he quickened his pace to catch up with me.

“What I told you to do? Six feet and a half? And with a gun ba3ad?” I stopped to look at him, incredulous.

“What? So I exaggerated a little,” he shrugged.

“A little? You call that a little?” I growled, “I think you should buy yourself a dictionary because that was definitely not a little. I mean do you honestly think that they would believe you. How dumb do you think they are?” I saw the cocky grin starting to spread over his lips and quickly added, “Don’t answer that!”

With a loud sigh I began walking again, the building coming into view.

“uhh I wanted to make the story a little more interesting?” Saif said trying to look innocent as possible.

“Interesting? I thought we were aiming for believable!” I said as I continued to make my way to my apartment without glancing at him.

I made my way over to the elevator the instant I entered the building. As soon as I heard the elevator ping, I got in with him right behind me.

“Look I’m sorry alright?” he apologized oh-so-sincerely. NOT.

“Sorry?” I started but he interrupted me.

“Ok, could you please stop repeating every word I say? It’s really starting to get to me.”

At that exact moment, the elevator came to a stop.

“Uffff…” I growled as I quickly got out, pushed the door of my apartment open and slammed the door in his face.

I tried to figure this whole thing out.

All I could do was pace around this entire place.

I was pacing like a madman on a mission in my apartment.

What the hell was I thinking when I agreed to this?!

I can’t stick to our little agreement.

I can’t keep pretending.

I hate him.

I can’t stand being close to him any longer.

I don’t want to do this.

Or do I?


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