Monday, January 4, 2010

Karma's a Bitch* #10

Shamma’s P.O.V

A couple of weeks have passed since Meera has arrived, Khalifa and I just continued to ignore each other’s presence like we used to, Saif turned out to be taken by some American girl. I never know why he came to talk to me that day, he’s basically being a jerk to me every time we bump into each other and vice versa. A wall had been built between us, a wall of hate. The holidays were almost over, university was starting in a few days, Meera and I had a change of plans since we decided to stay in the States for university instead of heading back. Both Khalifa and Saif turned out to be in the same university as us, isn’t that just great?

We just go out from the movies with a couple of friends, when we passed by some club and they decided to go in just for the hell of it. A cloud of thick smoke engulfed us we walked into the club.

“I hate these places,” I whined as I practically coughed my lungs out.

“Oh, come on honey, it’s not that bad,” Ashley, a friend of ours, said.

“Yeah, it’s even worse!” Meera complained.

“Shut up you guys, let’s dance,” Ashley said giddily as she practically dragged the rest of the girls to the dance floor.

Meera and I just stayed behind and stared into the crowd. A strange look was plastered on the Meera’s face, she seemed kinda pale. Before I could ask her what was wrong, the rest of the girls returned.

“Meera? Are you ok? What’s wrong?” Ashley asked.

“Oh, nothing. Maybe we should all just go home,” Meera replied.

“Go home?” Ashley’s voice hovered over us, “we just got here.”

“But, we should just go. I-I’m tired and… I need to go,” Meera’s mind seemed to be searching frantically for an excuse.

“Meeroh, shu feech?” I could easily read the fear and nervousness in my best friend’s eyes.

“Mashay ok?! let’s just go,” Meera insisted as she glanced out of the corner of her eyes.

“what-” I stopped as I followed her gaze.

I couldn’t help it, I tried to fight back the dreadful feeling that was boiling and erupting from inside me. It was a feeling that I couldn’t describe, it made me feel... weak physically, and emotionally. And that was something I’m sure I never was before now. I wasn’t weak before this point, but now, it seemed I was. I had always told myself that people only felt this way toward me. And yet, now, I was getting my own fair deal of this dreadful feeling. It made me want to scream, to cry out when no one was looking.

Jealousy. I was jealous.

It was that plain, that simple. I was never jealous of anyone.

“5leefah?” I felt as if the ground had been ripped from under her feet.

I didn’t want to believe my eyes. Khalifa, my Khalifa, the one I secretly liked, the one who claimed to have feelings for me, was actually out on the dance floor, arms tightly wrapped around a tall, skinny woman, whose black hair cascaded down her back as she danced against him.

“What...” I couldn’t speak as the lump in my throat grew to the point I thought I couldn’t breathe anymore.

“Shammoh, I-I’m sorry, I...” Meera stuttered clumsily as she saw the pain plastered over my face.

I watched as the skanky girl kissed Khalifa’s neck while he closed his eyes in a clear sign of pleasure. Slowly, I recognized her, it was Chloe, the girl that hung out with that idiot Saif. As the seconds melted away, the pain turned into anger and rage.

In a flash, I was up and crossing the dance floor. With all the strength I could muster I gripped Chloe by her scrawny shoulder and threw her across the floor.

“What? Shamma? Wha-what are you doing here?” Khalifa stuttered like an idiot.

“That’s my line!” I growled. “You like me, remember?” I said sarcastically, “you aren’t supposed to be here groping this trashy thing while she’s sucking on your neck.”

“Hey!” Chloe objected. Before she could say anything else, my small hands were on her throat and we fell to the ground in a violent catfight.

“Shamma!” Meera called out, “someone, do something?”

“What…? Huh?” one of the girls snapped out of her daze, grabbed me by the waist, and pulled me off a badly beat-up Chloe who could barely sit up.

“Let go of me!” I yelled off the top of my lungs as I wildly kicked the air and my nails dug into the girl’s hand. “I’m gonna kill you!” I continued to shout at Chloe.

“Calm down Shamma, this isn’t the way!” Meera tried to explain, but I would have none of it.

The rage cursed through my veins, my eyes flashed brightly with fury.

“You’re insane!” Chloe screamed as she finally managed to stand up with Khalifa’s help.

“Get your hands away from-” I shouted.

“From who? From him?” Chloe asked, the arrogance building up in her sharp accent as she pointed toward Khalifa. “He’s not even yours, sweetie. Do you really think that he would be satisfied with a little thing like you. Please. He’s been coming to me, to me, for months now,” she hissed, “did you really think that he’d want to be with you? Ha! I had to bite my lip every time I walked by you, just so I wouldn’t start laughing at just how incredibly pathetic you looked while ogling him.”

I felt as if the air had just been sucked out of the room and I couldn’t breathe. I opened and closed my mouth repeatedly as I tried to speak, but I couldn’t. All eyes were on me, I could hear the snickering and whispering in the background growing.

“5leefah..” I finally managed to whisper.

He simply looked at the floor, never giving me a glance.

“I.. I.. I have to go,” I breathed as I ran out of the club, tears trickling down my cheeks.


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